Brown Water Navy?

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    Welcome to all of you river rats who are here. I was at dong tam on the army side in 69-71. We had the jeeps with the big azz searchlights in the back and went out at night looking for chuck. Welcome home to all of you.
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    Sep 21, 2012
    I remember the 3 rocket attacks. 3 rockets that walked thru dong tam and few hours latter 3 more 2 hours latter 3 more.

    I got up for the first 3 and tried to find a bunker. They were ALL filled up. The next two attacks I just rolled over, told my shipmates I going to sleep, if I die it will be in my sleep. ROlled over and went back to sleep, slept thru the third attack.

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    I first got to Dong Tam in early 69, not long after the 9th Division ammo dump- took a direct hit. It still had hot spots and ocassional explosions inside the berm.
    Sea Bees were still replacing some of the doors that got blown off of our 2 story barracks building that we shared with the Dusters and quads units.