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  1. joadm

    joadm New Member

    Oct 22, 2009
    I inherited a Browning over under shotgun from my grandfather. I have gone to the Browning website, but can't find my gun under their date my gun section. It has BROWNING ARMS COMPANY_ST. LOUIS, MISSOURI and SPECIAL STEEL - 12GA.-SHELLS 2 3/4" on one side of the barrel, and PATENTS 2203378-2233861 and MADE IN BELGIUM on the other side. It has a five digit serial number with all numbers. I believe it was for trap and skeet because it has two barrels. I want to use it for sporting clays, but not until I find out if maybe it's worth too much for me to use. I forgot to mention that it also has very nice engraving. Thanks
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    Over the years Browning made many o/u (superposed) shotguns with numerous grades within each model. Without some photos it would be impossible to say what you have. The first three digits of the serial number would also be helpful.

    To upload photos click "Go Advanced" (below) then click "Manage Attachments" then click "Browse" to find the photos on your hard drive.

  3. joadm

    joadm New Member

    Oct 22, 2009
    I will get some pictures and post them asap.

  4. williamd

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    Mar 21, 2007
    Will need serial number to establish year of manuf. However, the five digit number puts it in the 1930s. No, the two bbls on an o/u or s/s does not necessarily mean trap or skeet. And, many shoot trap with a single bbl gun. Many people (and more and more) hunt with o/u or s/s. The Browning Superposed made in Belgium are highly sought. If in good shape it is worth several bucks.
  5. joadm

    joadm New Member

    Oct 22, 2009
    Here are some pics. The first three numbers on serial are 460**


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  6. Goody

    Goody Member

    Jun 1, 2006
    OH!!! You mean it has two SETS of barrels. And it is a higher grade gun, very nice engraving. I think it is Pigeon grade. If you look down in the right hand corner of the receiver you will note that it is signed "Funken". This was Felix Funken, master engraver, who started the Browning engraving school I believe. The serial number, according to the chart posted by 22WRF, puts this as a 1956 gun, the same year I was made.

    You can tell the amount of choke in each barrel by looking near the breach end, on the left side if you hold the gun pointing away from you. Each barrel in the pair will have a marking, sometimes the same, sometimes different. Mine is choked skeet and skeet, the second most open of the chokes. Depending on how they are choked will tell you what they would be good for. Here is a chart that shows the markings.

    * Full
    *- Improved Modified
    ** Modified
    **- Improved Cylinder
    **$ Skeet
    *** Cylinder Bore

    Is the serial number the same on the receiver and both barrel sets the same? Pure speculation on my part, but I think you could sell this and buy 4 or 5 sporting clay Barreta's.
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  7. joadm

    joadm New Member

    Oct 22, 2009
    Sorry, my bad on the barrel confusion. All the serial numbers match. The longer barrels are choked full and modified, and the shorter barrels modified and improved cylinder.
  8. joadm

    joadm New Member

    Oct 22, 2009
    Anyone have any ideas as to the value of this gun?
  9. NoDak Scotty

    NoDak Scotty New Member

    Nov 2, 2009
    At least $250 bucks...let me know if you want to sell it :)
    Value is hard to judge, but you have a mid-50's Superposed Pigeon Grade with 2 sets of barrels and signed by Felix Funken. That alone starts you at about $2500, and can go up from there depending on the wood and condition, the style of forearms and vent ribs, etc. Looks like you have a 26 in Lightning forearm for hunting and a 30 inch (trap?) forearm for trap and skeet. Hard to tell, the long barrels might be a beaver tale forearm but it looks like a field forearm (not flat on the bottom like a trap gun).
    I think $3000 is the right ballpark for your gun, but again, value is what somebody wants to spend. If it was your grand dad's gun, and it's signed by the most well known and historically important engraver in Browning's history, I might just hang on to it unless I really needed the cash or you wife hates guns.
    Seriously, if you do want/need to sell it, give me a shout at
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