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    For those who collect Buck 110s and 112s, if you don't already know it, on the Buck site they carry web specials. Some very fancy knives ( and every day knives ) at very good prices. I've gotten some very nice knives for a fraction that they sell for on the regular knives sites. For myself for Christmas I just ordered a Bone handle and a Apple Coral handle 110 Folding Hunter. Another hint. I also collect Zippo Lighters, Smokey Mountains carries oak display case for Zippos,. Why am I posting about Zippos?:) I found out by accident that if you remove the lighter partitions you can display up to 12 Buck Knives behind glass. It really looks good on the wall. There is enough friction between the back of the display case and the glass, the knives will be held in place with out hooks or Velcro and there's very little pressure on the glass. It won't work with other knives such as Case or Schrade. the knives are too thick or two thin. http://www.buckknives.com/
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