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    I had been looking for a Ruger SR9C for my wife to carry. Found one in a local shop for$439.00. Other shops said $425.00, if they could get them. Was looking at other things at Bud's when I noticed they had them on sale for $399.00 shipping paid. I had never bought from Bud's but figured I'd give it a try.

    Early next morning (long before Bud's was opened and after getting clearence from the CFO) I put in the order. You had to do cash for the sale price so I opted for using the "electronic check option" thinking it would speed up the process. I was warned to allow four businees days to allow for the bank to clear the transaction. My bank paid the "check" the next day so I figured that would speed the process...WRONG. Bud's did not begin the shipping until the full four days had elapsed. I was mildly irritated but just decided to wait it out and see what happened.

    The rest of the process went pretty well (they won't win any prizes for speed). I had picked one of Bud's FFL dealers in the area to have the Ruger shipped to and recieved it there on the eighth business day from ordering.

    The total cost for the SR9C was $404 (insurance included) and $20 for the FFL transfer fee.

    All in all i'm very happy with the purchase. I got exactly what I wanted at a price nobody would beat locally with no added taxes and the FFL fee was $10less than I had paid locally in the past. Would I buy from Bud's again? Absolutely! But not if I was in a hurry.

    As an aside I ordered a CT Laser from Midway after ordering the Ruger and recieved it long before the gun arrived. Sadly CT started offering rebates a week after I recieved the laser:mad: Oh well.
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