Burning Down The House - Our Economic Crisis

Discussion in 'The Constitutional & RKBA Forum' started by artabr, Sep 30, 2008.

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  2. 45nut

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    Good post Art,

    Too bad the drive-by media will not tell the truth. :mad:

  3. Marlin

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    Those who caused this mess should be held accountable, not the American public and the future generations !!!!!!
  4. But they won't be... The primary media is in bed with those who are mostly responsible and refuse to do the job they are honor bound to do. As a result the American people as a whole will never understand what really happened and have no idea who actually needs to be in orange jump suits. The blame game is of course in full effect, but more than likely, those who have only limited culpability will end up the scapegoats and the actual crooks will be sipping fruity drinks on a Cayman Island beach.
  5. artabr

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    USMC, I'm starting to to have a little hope in the people of our country. 95 Democrats feared for their jobs yesterday. If the Dems. are running scared of their own voters that tells me that people are starting to get it.
    I hope.

  6. No doubt about it Art, it's an election year. My fear is that after all of those Democrats who voted against the bailout are reelected, Pelosi and her thugs will have them under their thumbs again.

    As far as the people getting it; maybe. I think that right now it comes down to a serious lack of trust with our elected officials. We are in serious economic trouble and perhaps in the beginning of another depression. The problem is that nobody knows what is going to happen and when our talk it's just another stump speech, as always.

    During the 1992 election cycle all we heard was that it was the worse economy in 50 years; over and over again we heard it (from the Democrats). Wrong. The recession of the early 90's was nothing but a pothole in the road when it was made out to be a bottomless pit. We are hearing similar predictions now. Should we believe them? If we give congress all of this power they are asking for will they use it wisely? It is all coming down to a serious lack of trust.
  7. artabr

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    To anybody who watched the first video in my original post, please take note. The Video that is now in that link is the 3rd one that I have posted in that post today due to it being blocked by Time/Warner. It seems that they have giving over $300,000 to the Dems and Obama.

    Sorry for the confusion. :eek: :rolleyes: :)

  8. mrkirker

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    Jul 13, 2007
    ". . . blocked by Time/Warner. It seems that they have giving over $300,000 to the Dems and Obama."

    Relates to my thoughts upon reading an earlier post by USMC, RE: media won't tell the truth about this mess. There are far too many advertising and donar dollars at stake for them to risk telling the Truth!

    Truth is, that wall street finds themselves in this mess because of greed, and a lack of oversight. Truth is, that folks who took out loans for which they were not fiscally qualified should "pay the band", as they either danced to the tune, or were planning on doing so.

    Truth is, that granting someone who is for all intents and purposes a wall-street insider, unlimited discretion to spread 700 billion dollars among his friends and colleagues, is both unprecedented and uncalled for.

    Truth is, that a drastic purging of the business sector could very well lead to a rebirth of the fiscal conservatism that existed during the middle years of the last century, an era in which businesses and families lived within their means. An era in which credit was used, but it was used and handled carefully by both businesses and families.

    Will the bail-out happen? Sure! It only took a while for all the 'inside' deals to be cut between our elected officials and their wall street pals. 700 Billion Dollars is a lot of 'pie', and every one that can get a slice, will get a slice!
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