Bush Announces Support For Gun Ban!

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    Feb 9, 2001
    Bad News for Gun Owners
    -- White House says it favors keeping unconstitutional gun ban

    Gun Owners of America


    1. Please forward this alert to every gun rights supporter you know
    -- immediate action is required!

    2. Then use the pre-written letter below to contact the White House.
    It is imperative that White House officials -- especially the
    President -- hear from gun owners immediately regarding the repeal
    of the 1994 semi-auto gun ban. You can visit the Gun Owners
    Legislative Action Center right now at
    http://www.gunowners.org/activism.htm to send the pre-written
    message, or read on for more details below.

    (Monday, April 14, 2003) -- In a surprise move this past weekend,
    the Bush administration announced its support for keeping the
    Clinton-Feinstein gun ban on the books.

    The law, which bans common household firearms, is set to expire in
    September, 2004. But the Knight Ridder news agency had a
    startling revelation for readers on Saturday.

    "The president supports the current law, and he supports
    reauthorization of the current law," White House spokesman Scott
    McClellan said.

    The "current law" McClellan was referring to is the ban on
    semi-automatic firearms and magazines (over 10 rounds) which was
    introduced by Senator Dianne Feinstein of California and
    then-Representative Chuck Schumer of New York.

    The ban narrowly passed in both houses and was signed by President
    Bill Clinton in 1994.

    Most bad legislation lives on forever. But in an effort to corral
    fence-sitters in Congress, Senator Feinstein inserted a "sunset"
    provision into the bill. This provision means that the ban expires
    in ten years -- specifically, in September of 2004.

    At the time, the sunset provision didn't seem like much of a
    victory. But it soon became clear that this provision would be our
    best hope for repealing the notorious gun grab. Recently, it was
    beginning to look like gun owners would have a better than average
    chance of winning.

    Until the announcement this past weekend.

    The White House's statement means that people will not be able to
    rely upon a presidential veto if Congress musters enough votes to
    extend the ban in the near future.

    Despite the fact that both the House and Senate are controlled by
    Republicans, the majority of Congressmen are either fence-sitters
    or anti-gun.

    It is quite possible that the gun grabbers can get 51 votes in the
    Senate and 218 votes in the House to reauthorize the semi-auto ban
    and make it permanent.

    This makes the recent announcement all the more distressing. But
    Bush's position is not written in stone -- at least not yet.

    Because the above quote was not made by the President himself or by
    his primary spokesman, Ari Fleischer, there is still some "wiggle
    room" that will allow the President to reverse course and do the
    right thing.


    George Bush is President today because gun owners went to the polls
    and voted for him over Al Gore in 2000. Pro-gun voters delivered
    three key Democratic states -- Tennessee, West Virginia and Arkansas
    -- and with those states, the victory went to Bush.

    This would be a horrible mistake if the President were to turn his
    back on gun owners and take a page out of the Clinton-Gore playbook.
    Perhaps this statement over the weekend was a "trial balloon." We
    can only hope so. If it was a trial balloon, then we need to "shoot
    it down" in a hurry.

    It is absolutely vital that we succeed in inundating the White House
    in opposition to this ban. This unconstitutional law must be
    repealed. Otherwise, it will be used as a precedent to ban even
    more guns.

    TOOLS FOR ACTION: Please use the pre-written letter below and
    contact the President today. Please visit the Gun Owners
    Legislative Action Center at http://www.gunowners.org/activism.htm
    to send a pre-written e-mail message President Bush.

    ------ Pre-written message ------

    Dear President Bush:

    I oppose the Clinton-Feinstein ban on common household firearms.

    And that is why I was surprised to hear White House spokesman Scott
    McClellan say that you support the current ban, along with its
    reauthorization (Knight Ridder newspapers, April 12, 2003).

    I am taken aback for a few reasons. First, you clearly ran on a
    pro-gun platform in your race for the White House in 2000. As a
    result, you were elected President because gun owners all over the
    country went to the polls and voted for you. Most notably, pro-gun
    voters delivered three key Democratic states into your column --
    Tennessee, West Virginia and Arkansas. Without these three states,
    Florida would never have been an issue.

    Second, former President Bill Clinton has repeatedly stated that
    passage of the 1994 semi-auto ban cost him control of the Congress.
    In other words, many Democrats lost their jobs because they voted
    for this ban. Gun control is a losing issue politically.

    Third, the Clinton-Feinstein gun ban is clearly unconstitutional and
    outlaws the very guns and magazines that millions of people have
    relied upon to defend their homes and families. The website of Gun
    Owners of America gives the statistics showing that these banned
    firearms are rarely used to commit crimes or murders -- in fact,
    more Americans are killed by knives.

    I hope that Scott McClellan was in error and that his statement does
    not represent your views. And so I trust you will be open and
    honest with me. Will you OPPOSE the Clinton-Feinstein semi-auto ban
    and OPPOSE its reauthorization?

    Please let me know.



    Gun Owners of America has completed its exhaustive analysis of the
    PATRIOT Act II draft legislation -- a frightening bill which was
    inadvertently leaked by the Justice Department to the media and
    outside groups. Go to http://www.gunowners.org/patriotii.htm to see
    how this monstrous bill would target gun owners, while enlarging the
    powers of government officials to harass the citizenry.

  2. 1952Sniper

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    Aug 22, 2002
    Did my part....

    In addition, now is the time to contribute to the 2nd Amendment protection groups. Those of you who are getting your NRA Political Victory Fund letters, please consider donating.

    We hold a key moment in history, ladies and gentlemen. Now is the time to act. Not only with letters, emails, and phone calls. But with money. We gun owners started gaining political momentum in the last election. We need to build on that.
  3. SouthernMoss

    SouthernMoss *Admin Tech Staff*

    Jan 1, 2003
    SW MS
  4. Marlin

    Marlin *TFF Admin Staff Chief Counselor*

    Done! :) :)

    Letter off to the C-i-C.
  5. Gunfyter

    Gunfyter New Member

    Mar 25, 2003
    Western Maryland
  6. ruffitt

    ruffitt *TFF Admin Staff* In Heaven Now

    Sent mine off yesterday, even got an "autoresponder" message from the White House

  7. TF118

    TF118 New Member

    Mar 24, 2003
    Gosh Darn gone an done it ...:D
  8. yellercat

    yellercat New Member

    Mar 28, 2003
    did the form letter and wrote a personal letter.
  9. gpostal

    gpostal Former Guest

    Feb 20, 2003
    told you guys bush sucks ,but did anyone listen

    "he's from texas ,he won't suport any gun ban"
  10. kaylan1

    kaylan1 New Member

    Done............... Bush prob leaked it out to test the waters. or at least I hope so.
  11. griz

    griz New Member

    Sep 23, 2001
    Western South Dakota
    That's a good point kaylan...guess I'll join in too.
  12. Gunguy

    Gunguy Guest

    GPostal, you are so right...ole Bubba wouldn't do that to us that voted for him...uh huh...

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