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    Mar 8, 2010
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    I couldn't agree more. If people really cared about the environment, they would concentrate their efforts overseas, like China and former Russia.
    Parts of the Volga are so polluted with heavy metals, nothing lives in the water.
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    You nailed that one! I have not bought anything on credit in the last 10 years except for two vehicles. I am making house notes also. This is all the credit I have, and it's not enough according to the lenders. Since I am not mired in debt, they want to charge me a higher % rate due to LACK of credit, and credit history. It's like when I first got started, and had no credit. I do have credit history but all my payments are made by direct debit, so there goes my credit history as far as the lenders are concerned. I watch TV on a Curtis Mathis, how many of you know how old these things are? There is a VCR player hooked to my TV, and I surely can not afford one of the new big screen TV's! Let's face it! Americans live higher on the hog than just about any other country. That kind of living comes at a price, and we are paying it. The Unions want their share, but so does everyone else. "It's my money, and I want it now"! What would happen to the 30 million in this country that are on welfare if the Fed. filed for bankruptcy tomorrow? Who cares if the state of WI is broke? Who cares that the Fed. Gov. is broke? Give me mine now! I want it now, and I want it all!!! Gi me, gi me, grab, grab! And I want instant gratification!!!!!!! I refuse to wait! and now I'll shut up!

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    this is very true, Within the last year I have paid off my house, at 44 years old and my cars are paid for. I buy used cars CASH. I USE my credit cards, they do not use me. I pay off my balance every month. My house needs a ton of work, but I do own it. I will fix it as I can as I get the money. I do not want a loan. I want to pay for it myself. Most people I know bouight up getting the biggest house they can, took out more loans and are upside down in their mortgages etc and now look to others to pay for it. I never understood why people bury themselves in that much debt.
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    We sound a lot alike. I own one house outright. We saved, and bought it with cash as a HUD repo. Got it for a great price, and immediately dumped a additional $25K (cash) in it to make it pretty much maintenance free for the next 25-30 years.

    We found out the wife was preggers again in February 2010, and needed a bigger house. I didn't have the cash for it, but I did qualify for a sweet VA loan with a nice interest rate. Home prices are down, so we found a awesome house, in a awesome neighborhood (that is way above our class) for a song. If the market ever comes back up, we stand to gain tens of thousands in equity. Plus, I rent out the old house and make up about 2/3 of the new mortgage.

    We had to buy all new appliances for the new house, as well as some updates. Put it on the credit cards since a chicklet was in the oven, and now a year later it's all paid off (not the house).

    Outside of the house, I have a small loan on the wife's Explorer, and another small one on my F-150. Sure, I could have paid cash, but the interest on the loans was less than the amount of interest I would have earned by investing it. No brainer.

    I did splurge two weeks ago. I bought myself a 2011 H-D Ultra Classic Electra Glide. I took out a note on it, but the interest was only 4%, so I decided to play on their money, and I'll pay it off early. It can be done. You just have to educate yourself and play by the rules.

    Did I mention that I am medically retired? And I am only 38? Wasn't born into any money, either. I'm the son of a independent trucker that became a soldier. After the army I got a education, and worked my butt off for as long as my body would allow.
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    Have bought quite a lot from the USA over the years,but my last purchase wish of 8mm Nambu empty cases,& converted 455 rev cases out of 45 L.C was refused as they were no longer permitted to export them.So sorry lads,the will was there,but the rules have been changed, I would have understood the reasoning better if the products had been more up to date.
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    Union membership rate in 2010 was 36.2% for public sector workers, which was substantially higher than the rate for private sector workers at 6.9%.

    According to Hannity last night, "There are more public sector union members in America than there are private sector workers, union, and non-uniln, combined".

    I don't know about you folks but this tells me that there are most probably more people in the Public Sector Unions, than there are tax paying workers, in all of America, to pay their salleries!
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    Oct 6, 2004
    Haskell NJ
    I wil go with what I know about, being in the auto industry. Every american manufacturer of autos maks some product out of this country. Ford, Chrysler and GM all make cars here, as well as Mexico and Canada, and all have used the Aisian companies to build cars. Ford usses Mazda,Chrysler uses Mistsubishi,GM uses Daawoo after buying them, they used Toyota in the past.
    Most of this is so they can compete. It costs alot to build cars here with Unions, Environmental laws,etc. How much will you pay for a Focus, Caliber, Cobalt when a Corola or Civic would be less money. I am not happy with this but it was happens. When I buy a car I look for the 1st didgit in the vin If it is, than it is made here.
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