C&R doesn't mean "Crappy & Rusty"

Discussion in 'Feedback Forum' started by warpig, Mar 3, 2003.

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    Two times in the past week I have been burnt on auctions where people have sold incomplete guns as whole functional firearms. One of them had the exractor missing, and the other one was missing the recoil spring guiderod. The two guns were rare enough and I got them at low enough price, I didn't say anything - but it is a bunch of crap that people don't say up front the gun is missing pieces. I would have bought them anyway, and probably for the same prices, I just would have put on my hunt list the parts I would need just a little sooner. This is three times now someone has sold me guns missing pieces. Is this a common deceit out there?
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    Is it possible they don't know they are incomplete weapons? I mean I'll be the first to admit I wouldn't have a clue if they were complete or not unless somebody told me.

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    Naw, Bob -
    you've every right to blow at the headgasket on this issue - all auctioned or other forms for selling items should fairly describe the true condition of the item.
    Everyone is on the honor system on the auctions or other, and we all rely on being honest with each other in these dealings.
    If the seller doesn't really know the mechanical condition of the item, it behooves him to find out prior to listing it. It'd frost my clangers to be waiting, ammo in hand, for receipt of a firearm so's I could pop a cap or two as soon as receiving, only to find out I'll have to forego the pleasure and wait some more for a necessary part. Or, to have to install one from another of my guns - that sucks!
    It also really ticks me as buyer OR seller to have to kick-start the person on the other end to consumate a deal. Last deal took over 45 days to finish - that's too long!
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    Re: C&R doesn't mean "Crappy & Rusty"
    Don't these sour deals peeve-ya'off?

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    It remains the seller's responsibility to describe and present the product fairly and thoroughly. If the seller does not know enough about the gun, he should educate himself prior to listing it.

    There is little acceptable excuse for doing otherwise.

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