C & R eligable?

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  1. hunter29180

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    I think it means it eligable for C & R dealers or holders may purchase?

    is this only for those holders or can a regular joe also buy and any special rules to follow? I assume its same as buying any other rifle or pistol? if regular joe is able to buy?
  2. hunter29180

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    ok seems i found one of the dumb questions!

  3. Alpo

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    Feb 3, 2007
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    C&R. Curios and Relics. These are guns that are at least 50 years old, or by reason of their rarity or uniqueness, the ATF has classified them as "collectible", instead of being something you buy to shoot. Colt used to give each new President a Single Action Army. Ronald Regan took office in 81. Even though that is only 30 years ago, if you had and were trying to sell Ronnie's Colt, you could probably get ATF to classify it as C&R, because it is a presentation piece that belonged to a President.

    If you have a C&R license, you can have C&R guns shipped directly to you at your house, without the need of going to the gunstore, filling out the 4473 and being called in. It just arrives at your house and you log it into your bound-book.

    So, if me and thee are both looking at Joe's Online Gun Store, and he has some Victory model S&Ws, which are WW2, and 65 years old, so they are easily C&R. We both buy one.

    Since I have a C&R license, Joe ships mine directly to me. UPS brings it to my door, and that's it.

    You, however, since you don't have a C&R, give Joe the license number of our local gun shop. Joe ships it to them, then you drive down, fill out the 4473 and get called it.

    We both buy one of the guns, but since I have the C&R license, it is less paperwork.

    Oh, and if Joe also has some S&Ws from 1990, and I want one of them also, since they are only 20 years old, they are NOT C&R eligible, so I have to give him a copy of MY local gun shop's license, and he sends it to them, then I drive down, fill out the 4473 and get called in.

    Maybe a little more than you wanted to know?
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    May 16, 2006
    A couple more advantages to having a C&R license:
    If you are out of your State and happen across a C&R eligible gun in a shop, at a gun show or in a for sale ad, you are free to buy it on the spot. (Not sure about CA, as their laws are probably different....)
    Also, many of the on-line stores (Midway, Brownells, etc.) give discounts to FFL03's.
  5. Alpo

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    If you happen to be carrying a copy of your license with you.
  6. deadin

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    May 16, 2006
    I keep one in my wallet and a couple in my checkbook...:D:D
    (After all, that's why I have it.)
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    Dec 6, 2009
    The C&R provision was put in the law at the behest of a few wealthy, big time, and politically powerful collectors when GCA '68 was passed. They had been shipping guns around the country for years among themselves and the law would have stopped that. So they waved checkbooks at some of our noble and upstanding senators and members of Congress, and got the provisions for a collectors license in the law.

    It has long been a prime target of the "gun ban gang" who keep trying to claim that it is a source of guns for drug cartels, etc., etc. Mostly nonsense, but unfortunately a few C&R licensees have not been totally pure and saintly, so there is some small amount of truth there.

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    ok..i learned a lot from all your posts! Thank you!! so is a C & R hard to get..i dont want to deal in guns, but it seems i am more interested in OLDER firearms..maybe i just want them to match my age? and have had to pass on a few too many from out of state.
  9. Jim K

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    Dec 6, 2009
    Well, you MAY NOT legally deal in guns with a C&R license. You can sell occasionally to a non-licensee, but the license is mainly to help improve your collection by buying or selling across state lines with other C&R licensees WITHOUT being a dealer. But if I routinely sell to non-licensees or buy for the purpose of resale to non-licensees, BATFE will certainly call that being a dealer and revoke the license as well as penalize me.

    A C&R license is not hard to get. Check the BATFE web site, I think all the info is there.

  10. duck32man

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    Dec 22, 2010
    Apparently not every dealer will accept a C&R license either. Happened to me twice recently while visiting another state.
  11. Jim K

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    Dec 6, 2009
    It might not be the dealer's decision, it might be the state law. Some states don't recognize a C&R license at all, and some don't recognize them within the state. If the latter, an out-of-state 03 licensee can walk in and buy a C&R from a dealer, but a state resident with an 03 license must jump through the hoops like anyone else.

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  12. jmace57

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    Feb 12, 2011
    No, it is not hard to get Hunter. $30 for 3 years. Fill out some paperwork (a few pages) and wait for background check. I had mine in 28 days..my brother-in-law waited 90 for his.
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    California doesn't accept the BATFE accepted list of C&R firearms, only the 50 year criteria.