C&R military gun day, (mostly)

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    Feb 21, 2010
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    Finally got some 148 gr ammo for my Mosin's and got to shoot them without the high flying 200 grain bullets I had first been sold. Found out my ammo was Russian made in Siberia at the Novosibirsk Low -Voltage Equipment Plant, not exactly a place I would have thought of as ammo manufacturers.

    Sun was bright and in my eyes and the wind was pretty frisky but I had the range to myself and it was a good day. I now know I have to adjust the 91/30 a wee bit left but I no longer worry about it grouping or my abilioty to shoot a group with those old primitive sights. A little Testor's paint on the front post helped a lot.


    Then naturally I had to compare it to American made but with Portuguese Milsurp ammo. I am satisfied with the result in spite of the wind blowing the target frame back and forth. The barrel was clean and wet hence the first shot was a bit high. Close enough to scare a boogerman if he needed scaring.


    Couldn't leave well enough alone, my shoulder was still working so out comes the Mossberg 500C slug gun, the Winchester 1200 smoothbore, some slugs, some #2 buckshot and an old fire extinguisher. I do believe the warranty has been voided on that extinguisher. Sorry no image, It wouldn't fit on the scanner.
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