Call me a Idiot!!

Discussion in 'Centerfire Pistols & Revolvers' started by hunter29180, Oct 31, 2012.

  1. hunter29180

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    but you are right, I am one:eek::eek:..heres, went to favorite gun shop to see about a .22 lever action for wifes Christmas present...didnt have any used so we talked I knew Wal-mart down the street has a Henry for 258.oo plus taxes. but this is my favorite gun shop locally owned..he cane within 20 bucks of wallyworld so told him to order it. while I was waiting for him to take care of cash customers and get the info on the rifle...I wandered over to see what he had in the pistol department..while walking over there I decided to have him order me a new Hi-Point 45 too! but then the IDIOT bug grabbed me!! it drug me all the way over to a ..OF ALL THINGS!!....a 9mm Llama!!!!

    his daughter came over, (she could just smell that bug on me!) and took it out so I could check it fit my hand perfectly! action was smooth, little grimy but not too bad though. I handed it back to her and thanked her!

    I went to the front as Dana was just finishing up and was ready for me. AND FOR SOME IDIOT REASON ..I ASKED..YEP..YOU GUESSED...WHATS THE BEST YOU CAN DO ON THE 9MM LLAMA!!

    well his daughter just walked up behind him and handed it to him, (did I mention she smelled that bug on me?) the asking price was 225.00, Dana smiled at me and started punching in the keyboard..."How about 185 out the door?" he asks. and out of thin air that IDIOT BUG answered.."OK, I'LL TAKE IT AND 2 BOXES OF AMMO TOO!"

    so pick up wifes rifle tomorrow and that Llama followed me all the way home.
    fourtunely, after reading some reviews on line seem I may have lucked out and got the model that is pretty reliable. and its a 1911 clone too! my first!
  2. WHSmithIV

    WHSmithIV Well-Known Member

    May 3, 2012
    Moore, Idaho
    :lmao: Don't feel too bad. It should shoot fine and at that price you can probably always sell if for what you paid privately if you really want to after you run out of the two boxes of ammo :)

  3. ozo

    ozo Well-Known Member

    Jan 20, 2011
    Nashville TN
    Oh no hunter.......
    You are gonna love that Llama !!!!
    I passed on one last year for $250...mistake.
    Back in the day, when Llama's were around, we pretty
    much laughed at them....but you understand...Colt SAA's
    were all around, and reasonable Smith's.....
    I have had a couple Llamas in 9mm-full size...and they were
    always dependable...and fun...and accurate.
    I think this came to you......kharma....for adopting the babies....
    You surely would have been an idiot....if you passed ! are gonna need more ammo......
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  4. firefighter1635

    firefighter1635 Well-Known Member

    Jan 4, 2012
    FEMA Region V
    Naaa won't call you an idiot for that. I almost always walk out with something else along with what I went for in the first place :eek:.
  5. 76Highboy

    76Highboy Well-Known Member

    Jan 1, 2012
    Hunter, I am going to enjoy this. IDIOT. :D But a smart idiot. :D Hey, you asked for it.:D
  6. lead

    lead Well-Known Member

    May 16, 2004
    I had a Llama in .45 and it was a very reliable and accurate gun. Sold it to a guy at work who still has it and loves it.
    You'll like that Henry too. You bought at a good time. The Henry plant is in NJ and was hit hard by the hurricane. They are shut down for awhile. I'm sure your dealer got a gun that is in a distributor's warehouse. There may be a shortage of them by Christmas though.
    You're no idiot, you're a savvy shopper grabbing a good deal when you see it.
  7. MikeH121

    MikeH121 New Member

    Aug 20, 2012
    Bought my first Llama in 1985 while at Ft Sill in the Army. 150.00 for a 1911.

    It hated, hated Blazer ammo. It like Rem and Win. Finally sold that thing in 1999 for 400.00 used to a guy.

    Blued, wooden grips. Put about 1000 rds though it all told. Always shot. but Blazers would not always eject.
  8. armedandsafe

    armedandsafe Guest

    There is an old saying: "Don't grocery shop when you are hungry." The idea is you will always overshop and end up with much MORE than you planned.

    Well, that saying doesn't hold for gun shops. You are ALWAYS hungry when you go in there. I think they spray something in the air. :D:D:D

  9. Ok your an Idiot remember you said call you one.
  10. gdmoody

    gdmoody Moderator Supporting Member

    Sep 7, 2007
    Athens, Georgia
    You are an idiot, but then again, I would have walked out the door with it too at $180, hell I would probably given $200 for it.
  11. 2000ShadowACE

    2000ShadowACE Member

    Mar 22, 2012
    Eastern Iowa
    You'll love the Llama. I still kick myself for getting rid of my 1911 clone. It was very reliable and wold hold all seven rounds in a 1.75 circle at 25 yards.
  12. Rogeritall

    Rogeritall Member

    Sep 17, 2012
    I certainly would never call you an "Idiot". I would love to find a 1911 Clone of any manufacture around here for "$ 185.00 out the door". Everything I look at, even if it looks like it went the WWII is well North of $ 250.00, or more.
  13. cheesewiz

    cheesewiz Well-Known Member

    Mar 25, 2012
    Ok Obama is an Idiot ......Oops sorry that slipped off my tongue:)
  14. Telcotech

    Telcotech Member

    Aug 6, 2008
    North Central Iowa
    I think you will like your Llama 9mm. I have a Llama .45 ACP clone, uses the same mag's as my Colt .45 ACP and as 2000Shadow states, mine is as accurate as the Colt. Down side is what everyone knows...they are no longer mfg'd and if it may be hard to come by. Here are a couple pics .....hope they post.

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  15. Big Shrek

    Big Shrek Well-Known Member

    Nov 10, 2009
    NorthWest Florida
    Same bad habit with Star pistols...addictive!!!
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