Calls to Destroy Egypt's Great Pyramids Begin

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    Jan 11, 2010
    According to several reports in the Arabic media, prominent Muslim clerics have begun to call for the demolition of Egypt's Great Pyramids—or, in the words of Saudi Sheikh Ali bin Said al-Rabi'i, those "symbols of paganism," which Egypt's Salafi party has long planned to cover with wax. Most recently, Bahrain's "Sheikh of Sunni Sheikhs" and President of National Unity, Abd al-Latif al-Mahmoud, called on Egypt's new president, Muhammad Morsi, to "destroy the Pyramids and accomplish what Amr bin al-As could not."

    This is a reference to the Muslim Prophet Muhammad's companion, Amr bin al-As and his Arabian tribesmen, who invaded and conquered Egypt circa 641. Under al-As and subsequent Muslim rule, many Egyptian antiquities were destroyed as relics of infidelity. While most Western academics argue otherwise, according to early Muslim writers, the great Library of Alexandria itself—deemed a repository of pagan knowledge contradicting the Koran—was destroyed under bin al-As's reign and in compliance with Caliph Omar's command.

    However, while book-burning was an easy activity in the 7th century, destroying the mountain-like pyramids and their guardian Sphinx was not—even if Egypt's Medieval Mamluk rulers "de-nosed" the latter during target practice (though popular legend naturally attributes it to a Westerner, Napoleon).

    Now, however, as Bahrain's "Sheikh of Sheikhs" observes, and thanks to modern technology, the pyramids can be destroyed. The only question left is whether Egypt's Muslim Brotherhood president is "pious" enough—if he is willing to complete the Islamization process that started under the hands of Egypt's first Islamic conqueror.

    Nor is such a course of action implausible. History is laden with examples of Muslims destroying their own pre-Islamic heritage—starting with Muhammad himself, who destroyed Arabia's Ka'ba temple, transforming it into a mosque.

    Asking "What is it about Islam that so often turns its adherents against their own patrimony?" Daniel Pipes provides several examples, from Medieval Muslims in India destroying their forefathers' temples, to contemporary Muslims destroying their ancestors' heritage in Egypt, Iraq, Israel, Malaysia, and Tunisia.

    Currently, in what the International Criminal Court is describing as a possible "war crime," Islamic fanatics are destroying the ancient legacy of the city of Timbuktu in Mali—all to Islam's triumphant war cry, "Allahu Akbar!"

    Much of this hate for their own pre-Islamic heritage is tied to the fact that, traditionally, Muslims do not identify with this or that nation, culture, or language, but only with the Islamic nation—the Umma.

    Accordingly, while many Egyptians—Muslims and non-Muslims alike—see themselves as Egyptians, Islamists have no national identity, identifying only with Islam's "culture," based on the "sunna" of the prophet and Islam's language, Arabic. This sentiment was clearly reflected when the former leader of the Muslim Brotherhood, Muhammad Akef, declared "the hell with Egypt," indicating that the interests of his country are secondary to Islam's.

    It is further telling that such calls are being made now—immediately after a Muslim Brotherhood member became Egypt's president. In fact, the same reports discussing the call to demolish the last of the Seven Wonders of the Word, also note that Egyptian Salafis are calling on Morsi to banish all Shias and Baha'is from Egypt.

    In other words, Morsi's recent call to release the Blind Sheikh, a terrorist mastermind, from U.S. imprisonment, may be the tip of the iceberg in coming audacity. From calls to legalize Islamic sex-slave marriage to calls to institute "morality police" to calls to destroy Egypt's mountain-like monuments, under Muslim Brotherhood tutelage, the bottle has been uncorked, and the genie unleashed in Egypt.

    Will all those international institutions, which make it a point to look the other way whenever human rights abuses are committed by Muslims, lest they appear "Islamophobic," at least take note now that the Great Pyramids appear to be next on Islam's hit list, or will the fact that Muslims are involved silence them once again—even as those most ancient symbols of human civilization are pummeled to the ground?
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    I always thought the pyramids were kinda neat but if they want to get rid of their symbols of paganism, we could help them out, and bomb mecca. I don't know why they'd want to destroy them though, after all they ARE a pagan religion, which predates mohammed.

  3. jack404

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    Jan 11, 2010
    they gotta blow it up as islam aint got anything so neat

    the best islam could do was hijack someone elses meteorite "God" and build a temple around it ( 11 times its fallen down)

    they blew up the budda statues in afghanistan

    they blow up and tear down crosses in Australian war graves

    this is islam
  4. cycloneman

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    Dec 16, 2008
    Mussies have the perfect amount of intellegence to be perfectly stupid. Which is a step above retarded.

    The mussies are just a tad more intellegent then the ******ns (sorry some of you cant handle the truth) but not quite to the point where they ask and decifer intellegent questions. For example their kids dont ask why they have a bomb straped to their chest (type of questions). That in a nutshell is what makes these animals so dangerously stupid and one day will lead to their demise. Simply put one day they are going to push the more intellegent race to kill them off.

    So if they want to tear down the pyramid, which by the way is one of the strongest designed building you can make, go ahead. It is funny that they would destroy what they can not build. Go ahead destroy it, eat the rocks left over too.
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  5. 22to12gauge

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    Jun 27, 2012
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    This is silly. They should not destroy something so historic. And I don't think they will.

    But all major religions have pagan themes.

    Look it up.

    And cyloneman, can you really categorize all Muslims as stupid? I could say the same for Christian fanatics.
  6. I've never thought or even considered a retarded person of being dumb or unintelligent. Probably, because I'm to stupid to think that I'd know how intelligent a handicap person is.
    What I do know about the handicap is that they don't make nagitive comments about anyone we consider sane.

    Food for thought
  7. As far as I'm concern, we have our own problem here in the good old USA to try an correct, and what other do in their country, as much as it upsets me, it's their business.

    Only my opinion. I have to watch my own blood pressure...:D
  8. Marlin T

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    Jul 8, 2005
    New Mexico
    Your right Rocky, we have an extremely dangerous islam problem here in the US too.

    Short vid as an example, listen to what they want.

    islam is the most dangerous and lethal idea to ever come to this planet.

    22to12gauge, if you keep coming here and learning about islam I'll bet that you will change your mind about them.

    Those muslims that crashed the jets into the Twin Towers were NOT radical muslims, rather, they would be classified as good muslims.

    Good Christians tend to ACT as the 10 commandments say.
    Good muslims tend to ACT like the koran says; convert, pay or die.

    islam is pure evil.
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  9. cycloneman

    cycloneman Well-Known Member

    Dec 16, 2008
    I can do whatever I want. And yes they are all stupid, hateful, self centered animals. They let their kids put on bomb vest and commit murder. Here is the part where i say they are ALL responsible. That is because i dont see one muslim, not one, try to set their co parts straight.

    And your also right about christians some of them are stupid too. For peat sakes i wish Christians would stop going over there to convert these aholes and leave them to their demise.
  10. cycloneman

    cycloneman Well-Known Member

    Dec 16, 2008
    I know i may sound harsh and stupid myself but here is the flip side of the coin. After 2 T H O U S A N D PLUS YEARS you would think they would have learned something by now. Buddy if you aint learned a lesson by now your race is hopeless. I am sick of their sh**.
  11. firefighter1635

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    Jan 4, 2012
    FEMA Region V
    Cycloneman I think I like you :D.
  12. cycloneman

    cycloneman Well-Known Member

    Dec 16, 2008
    Welcome to the end of the world FF! Get your front row seat. Yee Ha
  13. jack404

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    Jan 11, 2010
    difference between Christian fundamentalists and islamists is the Christians will try to preach to you , the islamists will try to kill you ,

    and if you think i jest , come here and walk about stating your me

    insulting the Christians here may tick em off , but no-ones gonna stand up and shout "you insulted my God , you must die "

    and yeah theres been some horrid crimes commited in the name of God but only islam and socialism have the mass graves that are able to be spotted from space ...

    1/4 of a billion in India and the hindu kush alone ,, please stop comparing islam and Christians , its like trying to compare charlie chaplin with adolph hitler

    both people yeah ,

    but thats as far as the comparison goes
  14. raven818

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    Oct 3, 2011
    Jax, Fl.
    What they do anywhere in the world, is our business when they try to bring their twisted cult into the US, and destroy us in the process. Our religion does not allow for dancing with animals is OK as long as you cleanse yourself before sex w/a female, killing those who do not believe in the ways of their cult, etc..

    This link is a great start to discovering their plans for America.
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