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  1. here are a few pictures of some of the type of weapons we captured....

    these are from a little "Museum" set up at camp eagle to show what the 101st had been encountering ...


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  2. and one more

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    Thanks for posting these pics.
  4. any of you vets bringback any sks? how many hoops did you go thru to get it home?
  5. Thats sum pretty harsh weapons
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    May 11, 2007
    I brought 2 SKSs and a Browning Hi Power home with me and sent another SKS home with a buddy. I took a russian Makerov pistol with me on R & R to Hawaii and gave it to my wife to take home, along with a WW 2 German Mauser I bought while there.
    Paper work for the bring backs didn't amount to anything. I just took the weapons to the MPs somewhere, don't remember where, and filled out the war trophy papers. They gave me one copy which I had with the weapons when I left. About 2 months after I got home I got the SVN papers authorizing me to take the weapons out of the country.
    Still have 1 of the SKSs and both pistols. I've also added an AK and another SKS and pistol to the collection, with trophy papers.
    Here is a photo of the pistols/papers in a VN display I set up at conventions and other places.

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  7. Not me......the hospital in Yokohama kinda frowned on that......:D

    But does a GSW from an AK count.......:eek:

    Actually, this little flesh wound in my front thigh (Feb. 21st of 68) only kept me off the line for a mere 30 days....:eek:

    Then right back to my unit to try to stop some more of em.....:(

    Succeeded in Aug. with shrapnel to the ankle....and hello Jay pan....:D

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    You went to the wrong horsepital! I took the above listed weapons thru Camp Drake, by way of Yakoto Air Base - where ever the hell that was/is?
    I was sorta/more or less ambulatory - so long as I didn't have to go far or fast.
    No hassel from the hospital people or the hair farce. They just put them in safe keeping till I got on a C141 med-evac 10 days later back to the states.
    When I got to Fitzsimons Army Hospital in Colorado they gave them back to me and I had the wife come get them.
  9. Durn.....:( "Snake eaters".....:eek: ....always did get special treatment.....:p ...:D

    Fer you non-military types....:rolleyes: .....SFG stand for "Special Forces Group"

    Sarge here, was either a Green Beret or attached to them flying birds .....get it.....:eek:

    I can kid him till the cows come home.....:p

    But if you ain't a Veteran.....:cool:

    You better not.....:D

    Happy Memorial Day Sarge.....:)
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    Hey, why wuz U in die 501st instead O die 506th?
    Oh, I dun thunk we wuz juust gett'n comp-ensated fur all de SH- we got to du, sides BBQ snake is Gud! :D :cool: :p
    Actually I flew door gunner with the 281st as a "Moon lite'n" job. My first assignment in country should have gone to a 2nd or 3rd tour guy. I had lots of free time so flew every other day for 7 weeks. Finally got myself xfer'd to the Mike Force and began beating the bushes.
    Another perk of SF & MACV was that we got to bring three(3) war trophy firearms home where everyone else could only bring one(1). You'll notice that I took full advantage of the opportunity!!! No idea why we were so lucky, but as they say - "Never look a gift horse in the mouth!!!" :D
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    check the gallery for 2 pages of pics at the 199th LIB captured weapons museum in 1970

    BTW I mentioned this museum to the asst curator at the Army Ordnance museum and he asked where the weapons went. I told him my best guess was that they were blown up by our EOD people when the Brigade pulled out.

    He became very exercised and shouted "That was our heritage!!"
    I was speechless

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    Aug 6, 2008


    Rifle traced back to the 1st Cav
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    Check out my photo album. There are three photos of Chicom weapons fresh out of weapons caches.....actually, fresh Vietnamese graves....still has the dirt on them.
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    I brought one home in August of 1970. It came out of the huge cache near "Shakey's Hill" (hill 428) in the upper area of the 'Fishhook' in Cambodia in June 70. The huge cache provided enough SKSs for every man in the our infantry battalion plus all the 'strap hangers' that showed up to see the cache site and observe us 'humping our asses' off to extract the huge find.

    No hoops to jump through as I recall. Our SKSs were back hauled to our base camp (escorted by our Bn Sgt Major) and secured for us. After returning from the Cambodian Operation we all filled out our paperwork to take them home and we tagged our SKSs. You got your SKS paperwork when you got your clearance papers and weapon upon signing out. If you were wia and medevaced out of country our XO would make arrangements for it to go with you.

    I had mine for years gathering dust and a few years ago I donated it to our Brigade Association.

    Our Brigade Hqs had made some sort coordination with the 93rd and 24th Evac hospitals in Long Binh that serviced our soldiers and it worked pretty well.
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    Add this to the collection.

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