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    Oct 9, 2006
    Cleaning my Thompson in The Foothills of the Ozark
    A day with my wife van shopping.....

    Stopped by Sinclair Ford this morning , "just to look"..... at the Ford Transit.

    Finally got home about 4:30, both tired, hungry & cranky.. :mad:
    without her old Town & Country. :rolleyes:

    But their were a few lighter moments in the day. :)

    I mentioned something to the effect that the Transit was not
    made in the USA.
    The salesman Charlie, really a nice guy, said something about it being made in "Europe", to which I replied that it is made in Turkey, with the engine made in Spain.

    Charlie admitted, oh.. that's the Middle East isn't it ?.... :eek:

    Terri, Charlie's asst. with me in the back seat, took it for a ride to Il.
    so Terri could do a test drive.

    Once she put in reverse and the back-up camera magically appeared in the rearview mirror, I knew it was over. :rolleyes:

    Sitting in the back seat, looking up at the large amount of head room,
    I thought of the comedian David Chappelle & his Blind Black Man White Supremist skit and said...
    "Wow... :eek:... you could wear your white pointy hood in this unit and not bend the top. "... dead silence.. :(

    Back at the dealership... I said jokingly
    "Since this van is made by Muslims... I'll have to lock a "Ham Sandwich" in it for 24 hours to ward off the evil spirits.....
    again dead silence... :(

    While waiting for Terri to do the paperwork.. salesman says
    "Monday, when you bring in the title & spare keys, don't forget the back seats" .... without thinking I said "Sure".

    Then I started thinking.... "we kept the spare seats to her 1st van in the garage... What the hell did I do with these ??? " :confused::confused:

    Damn Altzheimer... I cannot remember... :mad:
    Dawned on me... :eek: ... "they fold up into the floor... you moron"... :rolleyes:

    So Monday, to get even with the salesman,
    when he asks how we like it, I'm gonna answer...

    "Not wild about that "New Camel" smell... :bleh:

    Gives me 'Flash Backs" of the old Dromedary House
    at the St. Louis ZOO. :p

    If you think I'm making any of this up... just ask my wife. :D
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