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    Thanks for the responses. The varied answers suggest a good deal of thought and sense has gone into people decisions. Thinking ahead.

    One problem I always had with changing position was one time when it went wrong. When I carried, I carried right hip, we used to call it FBI position. One day I changed it to crossdraw. Soon after I had cause to go for my sidearm and guess what, right hand sweeps back jacket, claw closes around...nothing. On that occasion it was a false alarm, but that one time, like a couple of particular stoppages sticks in the mind.

    I decided, one place and one place only. Even if harder to get too in different situations, such as seated.
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    Nov 19, 2008
    Akron, Ohio
    Weighing in late on this thread. This is interesting to me as my state seems to have some rather peculiar laws related to carrying and motor vehicles. They may have been changed as the state code was changed a year ago and I have the old book.

    In Ohio according to my CCW instructor when carrying in a motor vehicle your firearm must be exposed which would preclude carrying in a shoulder holster when you have a jacket on. This doesn't seem logical to me.

    Another law is that under no circumstances are you to discharge a firearm from inside a motor vehicle. Then comes the question "But what if I am accosted or attacked while in my car?" The answer I was given is if you are in a car you can escape the attacker by driving away. But what do you do if you are stuck in traffic and can't move? I read a story about this very thing happening to a woman in Chicago who used a gun to defend herself. I was never given an answer to this question.

    Drifting a bit off topic is another thing I don't understand. Supposedly in this state it is perfectly legal to strap on a six gun and walk down main street. However when carrying concealed the firearm must remain concealed. Any exposure of your piece while carrying concealed even if accidental may make you subject to arrest for brandishing. So what is the difference between open carry and exposing your piece while carrying concealed? Makes no sense to me.
  3. sakeneko

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    Mar 28, 2009
    We carry our self defense weapons on us. That way, if some nitwit steals the car while we aren't there, they won't get a weapon off of us as well, but the guns are there when we are there to use them.
  4. Super Louis

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    Jan 5, 2009
    San Antonio TX
    i know in texas where i live handguns must be concealed in a motor vehicle but what about long guns?
    can the be in plain view?
    like on a gun rack in a truck for example..

    ohh and i carry a kel tec p3at in between my driver seat and center console like many others said..seems like a popular place for a weapon =]
  5. Powderhorn

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    Apr 26, 2009
    I began life as a military cop. There was no alternative back then. You rode OC with your sidearm holstered. Then I went to college and got educated. I got hired into AFOSI. I wore blues all the time except when the assignment called for civilian wear. I normally wore a cross-draw holster. It seemed to be the most comfortable choice. After I retired, I worked as a courier for a big law firm for a while. I had to wear a coat and tie all the time. I began carrrying in a shoulder rig, and I got to really appreciate that because it did not interfere with the seat belt as much.
  6. Pistol Liberty

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    Apr 21, 2009
    I received a holster not long ago from Fist, Inc. It is the #42 Driving holster which is very easy to use. It is easy to put on the belt, easy to slide, easy to rotate between the driving position and crossdraw and easy on the pocketbook. I use it with a Beltman belt without difficulty. One of the best holsters I've purchased for it's desired use.
  7. dark_falcon27

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    Jun 2, 2009
    Auburn, Al
    In a regular cab Dodge Dakota, space is a premium, so what I decided was to take an el cheapo walmart nylon holster for an air soft gun (which comes with velcro on one side already) and attach it to the back wall (which has carpet on it) behind my center console. It is concealed behind the passenger seat, but easily accessible to me if I just slip my hand down the side of the console. I keep a full mag, and one in the chamber. Safety off, but set to a full DA pull. I tested my response draw time with an empty mag an was pleasantly impressed that it is an efficient method for me to draw. It wasn't going to be easy to conceal a full size USP .40, but it works well, it's safe, and I am the only one who can tell its there even with a passenger next to me.
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    Oct 15, 2004
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    Mine is not the best idea, as has been pointed out above, but it is better than nothing. I am left handed and I hide my hangun in the map pocket of the door. It is very easy to draw the gun but the angle is all wrong for shooting unless they have an arm coming into the vehicle. I do keep a 6 inch tanto blade on the right side of the seat. So I feel pretty safe with my set up. Nothing is perfect, I'm left handed.
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