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    Got out today with my pops! We had planned a fishin trip on the Wilson River for today, but I knew the 870 was gonna be in the gunnel, along side my rods... It always is in the Fall, and Winter! We started the day backtrolling plugs down the likely holding, and travelling lanes. I ended up gettin 5 fish to commit, and eat. But the longest we had them pinned was about 7 or 8 minutes. None came to the net, but one was durn'd close to rollin over for us! Thats alright tho! My dad got to fight a buncha fish, and get that "arm pump!" My most productive presentation for Fall Chinook, Coho, and Chum Salmon on Oregon's coastal rivers is a backtrolled "plug" like Kwikfish, Flatfish, or Magnum Wiggle Wart. My personal favorite is a K-16, or K-15 Kwikfish...Preferebly the ones manufactured in the mid-90's... Yeah, yeah, yeah... Picky... But I can be.;) I use a bait "wrap" almost every time they go in the water. All that you do is use stretchy string, and wrap it tightly around a Sardine, or baitfish fillet(for instance... options are nearly ENDLESS here!) to create a stank trail the fish potentiall follow to the lure. Anything helps right?! I fish this series of plugs that most hardcore, NW Salmon anglers would despise! Its a bunch of Kwikfish, and Flatfish painted to look like fresh, and rotten banannas! The lore here is the Bananna is bad luck for fishermen. Supposedly... Ive purposly wrapped a Kwikfish with bananna peel to prove a point, but to no avail! My best friend(a river guide) wont let me on his boat if he knows Im packin a 'nanner! Long story short, We got all of our fish on 'Nanner plugs today, and they look a lil somethin like this!

    Chum Salmon, Oregon's Wilson River... They do eat rot'n fruits! HA!

    Purrty fish eh?!

    Wrappin them UGLY plugs!

    Oh yeah! I got into some ducks too! Theres another long story! The short of it...We are only allowed to harvest 2 Pintail per day, and thats included in our 7 duck daily limit. Well, the Pintail were on the migration today! I had a travelling pair dump into my mini decoy spread right off the bat... Boom, boom. Off to a good start. Next 5 Wigeon dropped in, and I managed to get 3 to hit the decks! Nice. About 5 minutes later I had passed on close to 20, maybe 30 Pintail, and this single Hen mallard is locked on. Feet down! Boom! 6 birds toal. I peppered about three other Pintail that were 25 yrds. beyond the Mallard I dropped... So I decided to call it quits after 30 mins of hunting, and finish the drift! I got SPOILED today! IT was awesome! So we had a great day for sure! Cant wait to do it again! Hope you guys are havin a sweet waterfowl season so far!

    Left to right...Hen Mallard, Drake Pintail, Hen Pintail, 3 Hen Wigeon.
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    Excellent day on the water! im a lillte jealous.

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    I'm a lot jealous!
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    Ya know here along the upper Yukon, we get chums & kings mainly but people only fish with net & fishwheels; kinda depressing actually. We get sheefish, burbot, pike, and grayling on poles but not all that many. Good to see ya catching fish; snowing here; river is slowing down will freeze up pretty quick; and is safe to now walk across lakes.
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    Thanks you guys!

    The Yukon fisheries are prolly mostly a sustinance gig up that high, but if folks actually tried to throw traditional hardware, attached to a rod and reel, I bet you'd find the Chum, and Kings wuold wanna play ball. Not so much the Silvers, or Reds, but those Chums are feisty lil buggers! The best fighters, pound fir pound in the Salmonid family! Hands down. Believe it or not, we are only allowed to keep one King bearing an adipose fin every day, and only 5 per year in the Tillamook drainage.(5 rivers drain this basin) While you are not allowed to harvest Chum, or Coho(silvers) Salmon due to conservation efforts. I 'spose itis that time of year isnt it Zhurh?! Rivers already slowin to a trickle, and the lakes are thick enuff to cross!? Its already November, so it makes perfect sense! Hahahaha! Wolves have got to be close then I assume? See any around the homestead lately, or is it a bit early yet?