CB/SSB Radio Use - I have a few questions.

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    Galaxy is an excellent radio also you may want to think about the possibility of a tube radio and linear such as Yasu or Palomar Siltronix just make sure that clarifier is unlocked and have a frequency counter so as you and the people you wish to talk with can slide in between channels and also make some type of code amongst yourselves. A ground plane or an omni directional antenna may be out of business as the signals may be blocked by who or what. A beam directional antenna may be the way to go but hard to conceal. 10 meter will give you the farthest range without needing a repeater tower which will probably no longer be working. A regular cb with upper and lower channels and an unlocked clarifier would be the cheapest route. You dont need a lot of power to talk any type of distance you can use modulation to drive the signal. If its distance youre looking to talk then a beam antenna or a full wave antenna diapole with no coil so you can drive that linear as hard as you want. So many different scenerios which may keep any of them from working but it is a thought. Or just for loacl use a set or FRS radios will do just fine providing the signals arent being blocked.
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    I have owned many but my Ranger 2950 is still my fav.

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    One thing to consider is when shtf there will be possibly very few people with cb or any radios for that matter. So all the noise CB used to have due to so many users will probably be way lowered then. As high as he is he could probably just stick any antenna near roof peak and receive pretty good. Reception and Transmiting could travel farther as said there will be very few radio operators then. That is if the govt. does not jam channels and frequencies.
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    Johnnyflake, read your post. You need to talk to Sparky his shop is in Illinois. He will have all the answers.Contact him at Sparky's CB Shack or call 1-800-544-4343 aske for him personally, tell him your problem. Also on black Friday he has great prices on items.
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    Why fool with a Chicken Band radio? It is very easy to get your ham ticket and the ham bands is where the action will be. There is an excellent ham radio club in Vegas http://www.lvrac.org/ that will assist you in getting your ticket. You can study over a weekend and pass the Tech class and you are on your way.

    Most areas have set up a emergency communications group such as this http://www.ccnvares.org/ that you can join and help during an emergency.

    Modifying a 10 meter ham radio enabling it to transmit on the cb bands is against the law. You probably won't get caught but you never know.

    Antennas don't have to be on a 100 ft tower to be effective. I have a 23ft Shakesphere marine antenna on my motorhome and I can talk around the world with 100 watts from my Icom 706MKIIG. I can also communicate at 5 watts around the world using different modes of transmission.
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    I have a Galaxy 959, thats peaked to about 30 watts.

    Shooter45 is right. Thats the best way to go when getting into radioland.
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    South Texas
    Just about every semi truck has 1 in it. Go to San Antonio or any other big city and you will hear lots of people talking. Especially by the truck stops.
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    Keep this in mind on your antenna tower:
    Keep this in mind when choosing your transceiver:

    Emphasis added.

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    Also keep in mind that the older US Military "walkie talkies" run in the CB band, but are SSB only. The associated vehicle/desk mount units can pump a lot more power than is legal. They have many security features, but finding info on those features is difficult.

    To just monitor and talk in general, CB or 10 Meters HAM is marvelous. For tactical maneuvering, not so good. Those frequencies are too easy to intercept.

  10. carver

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    Ham is the way to go. CB just ain't going to get you very far.
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    I really appreciate all the responses and suggestions. It's a lot of information to think through. Obviously, the thing to do is go into a 10 Meter Transceiver and I do understand the reasoning.

    What I am thinking I will do is buy a quality CB Radio to start with, so I can get set up. Maybe you guys can help me decide on one. I have been looking at a few that range between $50 and $155 and they all have very good reviews and ratings. The two lower priced units which are Uniden have numerous high ratings and seem well worth the price. These are what I am looking at. There is much praise about the Uniden PRO520XL at $50. Many compare it to the Cobra 29 and some say it's better. Your thoughts and suggestions will be appreciated.

    Uniden PRO520XL 40-Channel CB Radio - $45

    Galaxy DX-949 CB Mob ssb Swr Talkback Rog.bp Pa Mode - $130

    Cobra 29WXNWST Nightwatch 40 Channel CB Radio - $134

    Uniden Bearcat PC68 Elite 40-Channel CB Radio - $85

    After I am set up and save a few more $$$, I buy an Amateur 10 Meter Transceiver and get an FCC License. I have come up with these for thought.

    Yaesu FT-7900R Mobile Dual-Band Amateur Ham Radio 50W/45W VHF/UHF Transceiver


    Again, any help will be appreciated. I welcome your thoughts and suggestions.
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    Agreed! I used to get sooooo irritated with CB guys who made HAM operators look bad. :mad:

    The interference probably isn't as much of an issue in the digital age but i'm sure it's still there...
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    Dec 17, 2011
    anytown, OHIO
    Yes amateur radio is better, CB just a backup for other emergencies.

    How hard is a ham licence now, I got my novice & tech together, 5 wpm code about 1964.
    Later the general with 13 wpm code in 1967.

    Do they still test and require Morse Code?
  14. carver

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    I have never ran a HAM radio, but I used to be into CB big time. From what I hear the HAM licence isn't a hard test at all these days. It doesn't matter what radio you choose, getting out, and receiving isn't about the raido, it's about the antena!
  15. gun runner

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    Nov 23, 2011
    South Texas
    What if you operate a ham radio setup without a license?
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