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    Did you catch the liberal show last night ? It was just more of what you expected from the anti gun people and the liberal media. I guess I just do not understand their thinking of keeping law obeying people from getting guns. They never mention when you catch people commiting a crime with a gun,KEEP THEM IN JAIL. This was not as bad a show as 20/20 was the other night but basically the same message, tougher gun laws for good people wanting to defend themselves. Their message, guns kill people so we have to get them off the street.

    They had a girl on there that was shot at the Virginia Tech shootings and she is on a crusade to take guns off the street, if I were her, I would be trying to get legal carry on campus.
  2. At least "60 Minutes" spoke to someone that was pro-gun before they went on their anti-gun rant. I also noticed they talked to two victims of the Virginia Tech shooting (one who was there, and one who lost his sister there) and they both wanted the "gun show loophole" closed. I do have to give credit to the reporter because she DID mention to the two victims that the VA Tech guns were purchased legally through an FFL and the shooter passed an NICS check. I found their "Well, the next one will get guns from a gun show parking lot" response rather lame. I also noticed that they implied that all the criminals in the US flock to the gunshows and swarm the parking lots to buy guns out of peoples' trunks:rolleyes:

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    Criminals at gun shows? :D :D :D :D :D :D :D :D
    You mean I've been laughing, talking, eating, and bargining with CRIMINALS? :eek:
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    Damn, I forgot to record it. I knew it was going to be crap, but wanted to watch it anyway. I like to know how the enemy is thinking. That's the reason why I watch Bill Maher.
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    The 'Gun Show Loophole' is such a myth it's amazing. Even 20/20, in their biased story revealed that the supposed 'Loophole' means nothing. This is a liberal buzz phrase which none of them truly understand. Even the Brady Campaign realized it was a stupid phrase and have now reworded their campaign to focus on private transfers since most gun show purchases are made from licensed dealers.

    Think about this... 20/20 showed little kids going to buy illegal guns for gang members and then showed a young guy buying firearms from a gun show to prove how easy it was to buy at gun shows. The little kids were buying illegal guns for $60 off the street but criminals would naturally want to attend a gun show and pay $400 for a used Glock?... :confused: I'm not a very smart guy but that logic just doesn't work, 20/20. By my thinking, their earlier report of street buying PROVED that the gun show purchases are not the most opportune for criminals. Heck, even the FBI knows it and has done studies on the subject.


    At the risk of sounding like I'm sterotyping, how many gangbanger-looking types have you ever seen at a gun show, gun shop, sporting goods store or even the WalMart ammo counter? Now, how many of those same types do you see on the evening news as a mug shot? See some examples attached grabbed as screenshots from the 20/20 show. It's embarrassingly obvious these guys aren't at the gun show buying popcorn at the concession stand with you and I.

    I don't mean this as a racial issue. 20/20 picked these guys to show from FL. I simply grabbed the screen shots. You'll see minorities regularly at gun shows and they don't behave or attempt to look like these guys. :rolleyes: Regardless of color or creed, responsible gun owners and enthusiasts are honest, hard-working people and feel no need to appear as a gangster in public. :rolleyes:

    Really, it's amazing that non-thinking liberals can't see this. Perhaps they don't want to see the real problem?... Theft, drug crime and absolute lawlessness is the problem.. NOT the system that law-abiding citizens use to purchase firearms!! :mad: There's nothing wrong with the private transfer system, gun shows or even the current NCIC check system. :rolleyes:

    Arm yourself with information before tackling these subjects with an anti who's truly unwilling to listen to logic. If they're willing to listen, then great. There's nothing that embarrasses me worse than hearing a pro-gun guy arguing with an anti, and the only thing he can say for defense is, "well, if you take guns from people only criminals will have guns". :rolleyes: You have to take the approach of overloading their small minds with statistics they can't possibly refute. It's quite fun for you, and demoralizing for them. :D

    It should be noted that this is not a tactic I would recommend for 'making friends'. ;)

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  6. I especially liked hearing our Senator, the gun-grabber Feinstein, saying that the NRA has" a virtual stranglehold" on Congress!! Really!?! And that's "bad" because they fight to keep the 2nd Amendment? Wow, I guess the ACLU also has a "stranglehold," because they fight for criminals rights. Boy, that poor Congress can barely get anything done except for passing trillions of dollars on earmarks and porkulous. Hardly makes it worth it anymore to be a Congressman/woman. Poor guys, I really feel for them. The "gun show loophole" mantra wears a little thin, dontcha think? Whenever I went to a gun show, I saw families and normal people. I guess next time I'll wear body armor just to get by all those ganstahs. Such liberal blather!! TJ
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    I see strollers being pushed around, and regular families as well. I don't think I've ever seen any of the types that regularly make guest appearances on the nightly 6:00 'wanted' or 'arrest' reports.

    Just where are these types getting their guns?... Liberals are either very naive or very calculating. One of Saul Alinsky's rules says, "Never go outside the expertise of your people." This is what they're doing to a tee. They don't want to address the real issue, rather relying on the iteration of a common liberal buzz phrase and LIE that makes no sense in reality but drives the need for action. It's a sad situation... :eek:

    Friends shouldn't let friends be stupid. If you have an anti-gun friend, educate them. :p This could be a good public service that all gun owners could engage in... :p
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