CBS Stomps on US Constitution and Slaps you in the face.

Discussion in 'The Constitutional & RKBA Forum' started by Hardballer, Jun 5, 2009.

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    And you are surprised at this because...............?

    I wish John Voight would bring this up. :D
  2. Hardballer

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    No, I am not surprised at the actions of these liberal dupes. What I am is surprised at the tepid, apathetic response from those who are not liberals. From those who claim to be right of center.

    The acceptance of actions like these simply embolden the opposition to take more and more liberties with your rights and freedoms.

    The question that I have is when do you stop taking it on the chin and start doing something about it. This billboard thing is not just an inconvenience or a silly little thing that some company has done.

    This is a concerted effort to bury your First Amendment right to free speech. Billboards, newspapers, TV, radio, Internet advertising. All these enable free speech. None are alike or reach the same audience and if; as in the case of CBS, they choose to say no, that covers all of the above for a certain audience.

    This is not about billboards or even a birth certificate. It is about Freedom and Liberty. Your Freedom and Liberty. It does not taste very good to have my plate of Freedom and Liberty Yanked out from in front of me.

    I don't appreciate the likes of Dan Rather and his ilk having a say as to what I should be able to say or not say. I also do not appreciate those I consider compatriots taking 5 on this one.

    What happened here is actually historic in nature. Three of the largest media advertisers in the world have just told you "NO!", you cannot use our venue for your political means. Your political views, if you hold to these, are being censored, slapped down, blanked out and all I hear is a whimper.

    The worst of it is this is not the only issue that is being treated this way by the right. Why are we acting like lambs to the slaughter instead of sheep dogs defending the flock?

    Write, speak, do.
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    It isn't apathy that causes people "who claim to be right of center" to accept what CBS and others are doing. It is the result of embracing liberty and recognizing private property rights and the right of a private company to promote whatever political agenda they choose.

    We don't like the bias of CBS, CBS Broadcasting, and CBS News, but what can we do about it? What SHOULD we do about it? Demand equal time...equal billboard space? Isn't that exactly what the liberal congress is trying to do to talk radio?

    Liberals have no concept of private property rights nor do they respect the right of any private enterprise to operate outside of government control. liberals can't and wont tolerate opposing points of view. Are we like them?

    The answer is to do business with those companies that DO support your point of view. If there are no companies in that particular field that do, start your own. That is liberty.
  4. Trouble 45-70

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    I have no idea how far right of center I am now as the center has moved so far left that it is out of sight from where I'm standing. A number of years ago in a New England state, someone wanted to have something printed for a homosexual group. Being practicing Christians, they didn't want to take a printing job for something that G*d clearly defines as an abomination. When the smoke finaly settled, the courts made them take the job and I think they also had to pay a penalty. Isn't this the same thing? I wonder if the same courts will find in favor of WND. Naw not where Obamas eligibility is concerned. That is ironclad , sheathed in titanium and sealed with kryptonite.
  5. Hardballer

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    I agree to a point. I've said so. The point here, though, is that people don't do what you suggested. They throw their collective arms up and watch CSI, or Criminal Minds, etc.

    They use "what can I do?" "I'm just one person" etc. to get off the hook.

    The point being, we are not in a time of dissatisfaction with particular point of view, or a certain political or ideological stance. We are watching the systematic dismantling of our system of government and the US Constitution and financial stability of the nation and perhaps the world all in one fell swoop and in less than six months time.

    These three companies are denying access to public expression. Granted, there are other avenues but fewer and far between. In many areas of the country, they are the only choices so this seems to me to be collusion on the part of the sign companies to silence your views. Period.

    Sure You could go ahead and start a multi-billion dollar company, why not? Should be easy and probably wouldn't take more than twenty or thirty years or so.

    Sorry but this is a time sensitive issue. Soon it may not be a time sensitive issue at all. Opposing views just won't have any traction. We can all have a big sigh of relief and let Uncle Sam take care of us.

    Just get in line early before all the fresh bread and soup are gone.

    Write, speak, do.
  6. Hardballer

    Hardballer New Member

    This is the fourth large billboard company to say that "you" do not have the right to free speech. This has left the realm of "It's my company and I'll do what I please" and has entered into; "Yes sir, what ever you say sir." This is a concerted effort to stifle free speech.

    Read the full story here!

    Billboard cartel says no to questioning Obama
    Trade group headed by Democrat donor discouraged acceptance of eligibility ad
    Posted: June 21, 2009
    7:14 pm Eastern

    © 2009 WorldNetDaily

    WASHINGTON – A fourth billboard company has rejected a campaign designed to raise visibility on questions surrounding Barack Obama's eligibility for office – this time by claiming the Outdoor Advertising Association of America, a trade and lobbying group that claims to promote freedom of speech, actually discouraged acceptance.

    At least one billboard company, Steen Advertising, backed out of a commitment to lease billboards to WND after a sales executive said the company was warned off the campaign by the OAAA.

    How do you like your pablum fed to you? How palatable is this?
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