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    shooter45 us
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    I bought a box (1000) CCI Primers a short while ago and have had about 90 rounds not fire. Anyone else had problems with them or did I just get a bad lot?

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    I haven't done any reloading for quite a while.....but when I did, I always used CCI primers and never had one fail.

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    I go along with Xracer. Always used CCI and no problems. Heard some concerns though from some folks. I thought about oredering some Federal primers and give them a try.

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    shooter45 us
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    X, I've also used them for awhile. I heard they are faster to ingnite. I really can't tell any difference. I shot them in 2 revolvers (one custom) and 2 custom Auto's. Same result. Probably just a bad batch. Tuck, No, it's not the suntan oil. I'm going back to Winchester primers. I only used one box of Federal small rifle and they worked good.

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    I tried CCI bench rest primers some years back in My Garand, not good, I could hear the hammer hit, and then the primer went, like shooting A Flint Lock, I used their pistol primers for some time before I could get others, no real complaints, seemed harder than most though, I let some friends shoot My loads in Their PPC guns, and they had to hit some of them twice, but their revolver fired 100 percent with WW and Fed. Primers,

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    Only primers I had problems with have been some old (yellow brass cup) Remington 9 1/2 M's. Winchester, Federal, CCI's have all worked without fail for me. Since using some newer (nickle cup) Rem primers, and changing firing pins in a certain rifle, even those work now.
    CCI states it takes approx 300-350 lb of seating force to properly tension the primer for firing. Not knowing exactly how a person is supposed to apply the gauged force, I just give them an extra firm bump with the primer seater, then visually check to assure they are seated within the pocket at least flush with the case base.
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    Can I throw in my .02 worth ??
    Been using Win. primers since mid 60's and only had a problem when couldn't get them..Had to use CCI and had
    They are all supposed to be good,some,read Win.,are better..

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    Never had a problem with thousands of 'em. Only bad primers were a few years ago when someone was spraying some type of oil around the bench, like WD40 or that new case lube stuff or whatever. If you get any type of oil in the least around the primers, those babies are DEAD. I also have a few older Federal primers that are harder than the back of your head. My Springfields touch them off so that's where I use them.

    gun runner john
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    I have to toss my 2 cents in. One possible problem with a failure of that many primers is improper seating. If the primers are seated flush, the brass may have suffered from an overzealous primer pocket cleaning. I've used CCI primers for years, and the only couple that didn't go "bang" were a problem with the gun, not the primer.

    shooter45 us
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    Gun runner john, welcome to the board. I'm glad you had good luck with the CCI primers. I used them in 3 different guns and still no bang. I think I may have just got a bad lot. I downloaded the bullets that wouldn't fire and replaced the primers with Winchester and everything shoots fine.

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    Baaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaad primers, Shooter!!
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  2. cycloneman

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    Dec 16, 2008
    I also had problems with cci some 20 yrs ago when i started reloading. I was told to switch to Federal primers which are softer and never had a problem since. I think its more to do with the gun and the strike of the firing pin than the cci primer itself. CCI's are known to be harder to ignite.
    Just switch to something else. Of course today thats easier said than done. It took me about 2 weeks to find Remmington small rifle primers in stock at Midway and it didn't take long for them to sell out again. In fact this past weekend at the gun show the only small rifle primers I could find were cci. There is a reason for that. Not many people like them.

  3. Axeman810

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    Jan 18, 2009
    shelton washington
    You many what to look for contaminates of some kind during you r reload process. I have used the CCI 250's with no problems but I have also caused other primers to malfuction do to improper setting or contaminates (CASE LUBE).
  4. bobkreeger

    bobkreeger New Member

    May 14, 2009
    Powell, Ohio
    I've been reloading for 50 years and the past 2-3 years Found CCI primers very unreliable. I've loaded then in .380 auto, .357 mag., .40 S&W., .41 mag., & 45 ACP and get 2-4 misfires per 100 rounds in each caliber. Federal primers are the best I've ever used. I would only buy CCI primers if there was nothing else available, and never depend on them for self defense loads.:(
  5. Trouble 45-70

    Trouble 45-70 New Member

    Have been using CCI primers for years without any problems but my newest batch of primers is about 20 years old. Thanks for the heads up. Will go to Federal next time. I am running low on all sizes.
  6. Alpo

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    Feb 3, 2007
    NW Florida
    I've been using CCI since I started loading, 33 years ago. I found two guns that would not reliably fire them. Same reason on both guns - weak mainspring. I switched to WW SP for 38 and 380, and those two guns are now 100% (CCI has a thicker cap - it is a harder primer than Winchester). But I still use them in small and large rifle, large pistol, and all other small pistol applications. I have yet to have a misfire in any other gun.
  7. BobMcG

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    I like CCI primers: Over 35yrs of reloading many calibers and different weapons and while doing so using numerous thousands of CCI primers large and small, rifle and pistol all with no problems.
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