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  1. corpis66

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    Dec 12, 2002
    central MS
    ok so i've had the paper work to be filled out here for a while now and i just keep getting the thought that i can basically only carry my handgun with me when i am driving (as long as i dont drive onto a foregin trade my work :mad: ) and i can carry when i pump gas in the truck, i can carry when i check my mailbox, i can carry when i go to some kinna firearms function, uhmm... heres where i can konfruzed... i know i cannot carry into a place that serves alcohol (a bar)... but what about a place that just sells (like walmart) can i carry legally in there? for those in my state... Marlin and SoMo... i'd like to hear some input from ya'll if you've had any probs carrying around the state or whatnot...i just really want to see if, for me, it is worth it at all... i drive 45miles one way for work, but i work on a foregin trade zone... so i cannot even leave it in the truck.. :mad: thanks for your input!!

  2. SouthernMoss

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    Jan 1, 2003
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    What MS law says about alcohol is that you can't carry into a place whose primary purpose is the dispensing of alcohol to be consumed on the spot. That means you can't carry in a bar, but you CAN carry in a restaurant that offers drinks with the meal. You can legally carry in places like Wal Mart and even liquor stores (as long as they don't prohibit carry with a sign that meets the legal requirements).

    Kyblaster gave you a good link that tells where concealed carry is prohibited. You should have also received a copy of the MS firearm laws when you picked up your application for concealed carry. Any place that is not specifically on that list is ok to carry.

    When I went to the highway patrol office to get my fingerprints taken during the application process, the officers were very positive about my intention to carry concealed. I have never had any problem carrying. Even when I was pulled over last spring by a local police officer in a small Louisiana town for speeding (honest, officer, I never saw the speed limit change to 45mph! :eek: ), he seemed impressed that I had a concealed carry license, and chatted briefly about my need to feel protected while traveling on the job. (Yes, he still gave me a speeding ticket. :rolleyes: )

    It's a shame that you can't leave your weapon in your vehicle at work. Is there a way you could park somewhere off of the foreign trade zone? There was a school shooting a few years ago in Pearl (I think) and a teacher or principal ran to his vehicle, which was parked off of school property, to retrieve his weapon. Just think how much more good he could have done if he had been able to access the weapon immediately... but I digress. Even if you can't take the weapon with you to work, I would think it would be still worthwhile to carrry concealed in your personal life.

    (BTW, you don't need a CCW to carry in your car. MS law says "It shall not be a violation of this section for any person over the age of eighteen (18) to carry a firearm or deadly weapon concealed in whole or in part within the confines of his own home or his place of business, or any real property associated with his home or business or within any motor vehicle.")
  3. corpis66

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    Dec 12, 2002
    central MS
    i went to the link and it basically stated the same as the forms i have.

    theres nowhere i can park unless i want to park off the highway about 2 1/2 miles down the road where the security camera doesnt see :mad: :mad: i am ok with that... cuz i have no choice there.. i cannot carry. but i do want to carry everywhere else. thank you so much SoMo for making that clearer for me. i had the understanding that i could only carry to places i really wont need to carry it to. but i feel better that i CAN carry into walmart and such. but as far as specific places i wish there were a list like for ALL places... sports stores, auto shops and such... all resturaunts and movie theaters yanoe? i can be somewhat overtly paranoid about the exact carry places... and i really only have the people here to ask since no one i know does carry nor cares to carry. (cept my parents in Tn.) i know it's legal to carry in my car here... but when i cross state lines to Tenn. i dont want to take any wrong chances there since i do speed the whole 7miles from the ms line to my parents house.. :D i think i will have to go a head with getting my permit... now if i could only find a good holster for my pt24/7 pro... hrmmm...
    anyhow thanks ya'll, i 'preciate it muchly!
  4. Deputy Dawg

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    If you have your gun truely concealed and no one can see it why worry about it, that is why they call it conceal carry.The places that i have worked at before did not alllow weapons on there property either, but I still carried one in me truck anyway
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  5. SouthernMoss

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    Jan 1, 2003
    SW MS
    Corpis66, study the list of prohibited places in your packet of materials. Government buildings, schools, school events, bars, law enforcement facilities, polling places, public parks, airport terminals, churches, federal buildings, etc. If it's not on the list, then it's OK to carry with a CCW (unless it has "a written notice clearly readable at a distance of not less than ten (10) feet that the 'carrying of a pistol or revolver is prohibited' ").

    As to having a gun in your car in TN, the TN law says "Unless you have a TN carry Permit(Or a permit TN honors),Weapon must be unloaded and out reach, Ammo must be separate from firearm." TN honors the MS permit, so once you have the MS permit, you can carry in your car in TN. You would need to study the TN laws before carrying into TN; you can do that here:

    SUPERHULK New Member

    Apr 25, 2006
    where could i get a permit application so that i can get a ccw without going all the way to jackson? i live in calhoun county and was curious as to if i could get the application at my county courthouse from the circuit clerk or what have you? i read somewhere that you could get an application and have everything done locally and send it in to jackson but i don't know where to get the application. any help is greatly appreciated, thanx.
  7. berto64

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    Try contacting your local Police Department or Sherrif's Dept. I'm sure one of those places will handle your application or can tell you were to go.(Nicely)
  8. Country101

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    Feb 28, 2004
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    Call the state police and they should be able to mail you an application if it works the same way as Arkansas.
  9. Marlin

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    SuperHulk, you have to apply at a specially designated State Trooper Troop HQ. It appears that the nearest to you might be in Batesville. Be sure to note the specific day of the week and the hours. These units ONLY handle these applications on that day and specified time.

    You may go the the DPS Website to see the list by clicking here - -

    The process is very simple and easy. Complete forms, get fingerprints, which is done at the trooper stations, and wait four months from the date of your application. The Permit will come by mail at the end of that time. Mine arrived at the Post Office Box on the date of the four month anniversary.
  10. I talked to several law enforcement officals about it no bars, no public places, schools, court house, libary police department, and so on and so on, and no places that visually post no weapons signs. BASICALLY WHAT EVERONE ELSE SAYS
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