CCW opinions; LCR or LCP?

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  1. I am considering either a Ruger LC9 9mm auto or Ruger LCR 38 revolver for CCW. My most desired form of concealment will be in a pocket holster.

    If you had those two choices, which would you pick and why?
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  2. Airdale

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    Mar 31, 2009
    N.W. Arkansas
    some info to peruse.


    If you are adament about pocket carry the LCR is probably the best choice based on size only. I don't care for double actions so it wouldn't be my choice.

    I would opt for the LC9 and get a good IWB holster ala MTAC:

    Or Supertuck:

    I carry a slightly larger 9mm doublestack in a IWB holster and it took me about thirty minutes to get used to it.

  3. carver

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  4. 3/2 STA SS

    3/2 STA SS Active Member

    A revolver will never fail you unless you are a complete idiot( and I am NOT saying anyone on this fine forum is) and do zero maint. on the weapon. Semi- Automatic is slimmer and less of a ''profile'' which here in FL is something to consider but I carry both depending on weather. Consider your wardrobe when purchasing. I carry a kel-tec in the summer and a S&W 642 when it becomes ''jacket weather''. Just my 2 cents.
  5. Old John

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    Apr 15, 2010
    I've had two LCR's for over a year, a .38 special, that I carry as a pocket gun. and a .357 magnum, that's just a little heavier. So I carry it as a belt gun, most times. They both shoot very well. The .357 magnum has a snappier recoil. But, they both are quite manageable after you get use to them. I love em both.

    I had previously carried a Ruger SP101, .357, as a belt gun for 8+ years. I'll never get rid of it but......The LCR's are so much easier to carry.
  6. Gun Geezer

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    Oct 5, 2009
    Central Florida
    If you decide on the LCR, get it in .357 and load it with .38 +P's. That being said, I still prefer my S&W 342, it's noticeably lighter than the LCR. I have both and I keep coming back to the 342 even though I prefer the look and trigger of the LCR.
  7. TheGunClinger

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    I have both. LCR .357 and LCP. One in my waistband one in pocket.
  8. cpttango30

    cpttango30 Guest

    I myself would go with the LCP because of the slightly slimmer profile.
  9. Rhuga

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    Oct 25, 2011
    Henderson, Nevada
    I have always liked the dependable wheel guns.
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