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    Dec 20, 2008
    West Tennessee
    Yesterday, we left the place for the first time since the permits were issued.
    I went out of here with the glock in a paddle holster on my right hip, one of those huge 4X shirts over it, and an oversized jacket over that.
    Stopped at a Sudden Service for coffee first.
    This is the first time I have carried a gun in public since leaving Fairbanks back in the 60's.
    I could not have felt more conspicuous if I had one of my AK's on my back with bayonette attached!
    It REALLY felt like everyone in the place was watching me.
    Next stop was the Salvation Army to drop of some tee-shirts I had pulled from my closet to make room for the new size huge ones. I felt less conspicuous.
    Next stop was the mall, to Lenscrafters to have my new glasses adjusted a bit. I felt more at ease.
    Next stop was Sam's Club where I LOVE to shop. At times, I forgot I was packing.
    Next stop was our favorite restaurant, where I was even more relaxed.
    Next - Hobby Lobby, where I did not think about it.
    Next the car wash, where I bent and twisted all around while cleaning and vaccuming the car without taking special care at all -
    Last stop was a pet shop where we buy bird-seed for the wild birds. I never even thought about it.
    Returning home, I unloaded the car, put stuff away, and changed clothes.
    When I went to pull my belt out of my knife holster I realized I was still wearing the pistol.
    One trip, several stops, completely at ease now.

    From this point forward, I will not leave home without it except for rare trips to federal or state facilities where it is forbidden.
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    Good for you Terry!
    Most people don't have a clue and wouldn't even notice OC. But, it usually takes a little while to get over our own self-consciousness. (I think it has to do with the brainwashing we all go through to some extent about guns being bad.)

    What about Judy?


  3. ampaterry

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    Dec 20, 2008
    West Tennessee
    I asked her yesterday, but she is not ready to drop one in her purse yet -
    Maybe next trip -