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    Depends on Uncle Sam's whim every 3 yrs.
    These are some tricks for your cell. Results for some will vary upon age of phone, brand, model, etc.

    Worldwide emergency number is 112. If you are out of coverage, this code will search any existing network and work like 911. Supposed to work even while keypad is locked.

    Instead of paying $$ for 411, dial 800-free-411.

    Your phone can remote enter your car if the vehicle is keyless entry equiped. Just call home and have someone get your spare keys and push the unlock remote button near a cell phone while your cell is 6"-12" from your car.

    On some cell phones, *3370# will unlock the reserve (memory) power to add 50% power to the phone in an emergency. Supposed to recharge reserve when you recharge phone.

    *#06# may display the 15 unique digits assigned to your handset. Write it down. This allows you to get the phone disabled if stolen even if the SIM card is switched.
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    Please...always check things like this with snopes.com

    I don't know about 112. That may be true.
    1-800-FREE-411 is definitely true, I have used it.
    No, it cannot remote-open a car through a phone call. Openers use radio waves, and they don't go through phones.
    *3370# : On some phones there is a code to increase and a code to decrease sound quality. Therefore, you will have more or less talk time depending on which you use. I believe the one listed in the "helpful" email is actually the one to increase sound quality, meaning you will now have even less time.
    *06# does nothing on my phone. If you lose your phone, you should be able to get it disabled by the carrier anyway.
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    Google is now offering a free 411 service... 1-800-GOOG-411
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