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chassepot bayonet

Discussion in 'Knives & Edged Items' started by Guest, Feb 23, 2003.

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    (4/7/01 2:01:48 pm)
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    I recently acquired a beautiful Chassepot (French Model 1866). My problem is this: While the Chassepot sabre bayonet clicks into my Gras effortlessly, it will not seat on the Chassepot it was designed for. Something stops somewhere; the bayonet finishes up about 1 cm above the muzzle, then has to be tapped out to be removed. Grateful for any suggestions.

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    (4/7/01 9:26:34 pm)
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    Weren't the French running too fast then to actually FIX bayonets?

    My son was looking for an Arisaka bayonet for his 38 at one show about a year ago, actually found 2 decent ones for around $20ea and one in great shape with sheath, no frog, for $25, but none seemed to fit right, so we decided they must be for a type 99 and passed on them.

    Found out later they interchanged, fit both, and haven't found any since less than $40, and then they are beat up.

    Good ones are like $75. Wish we'd have bought one of those then, I'da MADE it fit!

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    (4/7/01 9:32:13 pm)
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    You might want to post this in C&R, but that is a pretty esoteric question!

    How many Chassepot experts can there BE? I'd like to know...but then again I might be surprised.

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    (4/8/01 6:06:27 am)
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    I would try to make it fit but am too afraid of damaging the rifle. I don't want to file anything down.

    Unfortunately, the French weren't RUNNING too fast; they were DYING too fast. The Chassepot was much the better rifle in that war. The Germans often discarded their own Dreyses when they could pick one up (ie, frequently). But the Chassepots couldn't take the range of Krupp guns. I know, wrong forum.

    The Japanese Type 30 (1897) bayonet was about the only thing they made that was truly interchangeable. Still, you come across 99s, and 38s too, where it just won't fit.

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