Chauchat CSRG Mle.1915

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    Any of you guys own one of these old warhorses? If so, perhaps you'd consider lending me a hand with some data. Very briefly, I'm putting together a non-firing replica built on a dummy receiver, and have thus far accumulated a few parts - mags, bipod & trunnion, grip & mag release assembly etc., and will soon be fashioning side plates for the lower frame. I have some very accurate Ordnance Department drawings of the Chauchat and it's various component parts, but they're not full size and no measurements are listed. That said, if I had just two or three measurements from an existing Chauchat I can easily work up an equation for scaling up measurements taken from the drawings. All I need to know are the O.D.s of the receiver tube, ventilated barrel casing, and mouth of the flash hider, and I can take it from there creating a full-size set of machinist's drawings. On the same topic, if anyone knows of a parts source - particularly for the front sight/flash hider assembly, I'd sure appreciate the information. My sincrest thanks in advance for any assistance.
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    Good luck with this. I doubt that there are any left.

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    Have you tried SARCO??..Dave may have some parts...I thought most of these were destroyed by soldiers to save themselves from having to use them:).....My brother inherited an Amnesty registered one 3 yrs ago-traded it even for a cherry 1970 Chevy pu..
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    There was an extensive article on it in the Dec 1 Shotgun News.

    It appears from the article that Peter Kokalis owns one--you might
    see if you can get the info from him.
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    Have you tried any of the military museums? There's one at Boalsburg Pa, founded by Col. Boal for the 28th Div, after WW1. He had a machine gun company, and they MIGHT have one. I know they had a Gatling gun chambered for the Krag cartridge.
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    They were arguably the very worst machine gun ever invented.