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  1. I was digging around in my ammo and I found two boxes of these slugs I had bought in an auction about 15 years ago. I was thinking of letting my daughter use them for deer season in my single shot 20 ga. The package says for 20 ga, 2 1/2 or 2 3/4 chambers. My shotgun will chamber 2 3/4 and 3 in shells so I shouldn't have any problem chambering them. I compared them to some Winchester 2 3/4 slugs I have and this shell was shorter and the brass base was about half that of the Winchester. There is no info on the box for velocity or load data. I'm not even sure how much lead is in the slug. I believe it will have less recoil than the 2 3/4 in Winchester load will and that is why I think it would be a good choice for my 10 yo daughter to shoot. Whaddya think?

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    id say go out and shoot one of each yourself for comparison. you shouldnt use slugs in a gun with tighter choke than improved cylinder as a general rule, although there are some exceptions

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    I will agree with that. My father owned a gun shop and I dont know how many beautiful and not so beautiful shotguns we ended up having cut off the end of the barrel and inspect the rest of the barrel because someone shot a slug through it.
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    I think most slugs are wraped in a plastic and should compress while going through the choke. If you shoot a solid lead slug through a full choke you could kill your gun or yourself.

    I bought a barrel just for slugs. It has front and rear sights with rifling for $121.00.
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    Brenneke shot gun slugs...

    Have been arond for many years (like actually a century) and are safe to shoot through a full choke. Until a few years ago I used them, with a smooth bore barrel, until I started using a rifled barrel. In my gun, the brennekes did very well accuracy wise. The base wad is screwed to the base of the slug, acting kinda like the feathers on an aroww, and keep the slug flying true. I would not be afraid to use them in any shotgun I own. Recoil? you bet, these are usually loaded to maximum levels, and I remember the recoil.;) Might want to shoot one to see, before you let your 10 year old daughter find out!;):p

    regards, Kirk
  6. I'll just shoot a few and see how it goes. The shotgun in not full choke and these slugs are designed for smooth bores not rifled barrels. Sabot slugs should be used in rilfled barrels not the old style slugs like this. I was jsut wondering if anyone had any experience with this particular brand. I figured since they were 2 1/2 inch shells that they probably would have less recoil than the standard 2 3/4 shells. Thanks for the info!
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    I have never seen the dynamite nobel shotgun slugs before, but I bought a bunch of their .32 Auto ammo a few years ago.
  8. Well I went out and shot a few of these today and here is what I found out. The recoil isn't all that bad. I'd compare them to standard field loads much like shooting #6 shot. I was pleased by the mild recoil from the light single shot 20 ga I was shooting them in. I was not pleased with the accuracy. At 25 yards I had to hold 8 inches over the bullseye to hit it! I'm not sure if the gun didn't like these or if they just aren't very accurate to begin with. I know slugs aren't long range rounds but I'd expect a little better than an 8 inch holdover at 25 yards. Maybe I can find some reduced recoil buckshot loads my daughter can use in this shotgun. I have some for my 12 ga but I don't think she is quite ready for that yet.
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    Flannel, you asked for opinions so here's mine: :rolleyes:

    Put those old Rottweil rds in your ammo collection, or save them for a rainy day, & let her shoot those new Winchester Super-X hollow points seen in the rt side of your picture & be done w/ it! ;)

    Recoil from a 20ga 3/4oz slug shouldn't be too bad, & @ 328gr (1 lb = 7000gr / 16ozs = 437.5gr - 25% = 328.125gr), she should be able to drop most any med. size game that will step into her sights! (& hopefully shoot!)

    Look for numbers on the inside flap or on the rd itself. The load info might be printed right on the hull, but might be listed in grams instead of grains. I have some early 70's Browning 12ga shells that give load weights in grams on the hulls, & I'm guessing that's what you'll find [hopefully!].

    1 gram = 15.43 grains
    1 lb = 7000gr

    Good luck w/ your hunt!!

    SR :)
  10. Thanks SR. The only thing on the hull is the lenght in mm and the ga designation. I'll look on the inside box flap though. I'll probably do just what you said with the rest of them. They are kinda neat looking. The hull is clear plastic so you can see the slug, wadding, etc. The boxes are pretty neat too.

    I think she won't have any problem shooting a deer. She wants to pretty bad. Every time I ask her about it she is really excited about going and getting her first deer. I just want to make sure she isn't scared away by the recoil. I had really hoped to have a youth model .243 by now but things haven't worked out the way I had hoped. My Dad got me this 20 ga when I started hunting and I have never killed a deer with it. I moved up to his 12 ga Remington 11-48 pretty quick and killed many deer with it before I ever picked up a rifle. I'd like to see my kids out having fun like I did when I started hunting.
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    They still make the same basic slugs. It's a proven design. The plastic hulls may be a different color, but that's nothing. They also make 3 inch magnums of the same type with 1 3/8 oz slugs. They kick their fair share, but I would have no problem with using them on a pissed off brownie. The last bunch I bought had absolutely incredible penetration in newspaper. Plus they have somewhat harder lead alloy than regular slugs so that they do not deform so easily insuring shoot throughs. They don't need to expand anyway, they are .73 caliber bullets before deformation.
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