ck out little #'s on the bullets

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    Oh - NOT the GN for Speaker of the House part, that OTHER part, about the numbered bullets that all the crooks promise to use without alteration in an attempt to help LEO's ID and arrest them.

    I have been looking around for that expiring primer thing too, and have not turned anything up on it other than a rumor going around last month.
  2. 358 winchester

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    I just wonder how they will get them numbers on the little lead bullets we pour our self :confused::confused:


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    I sent them an email asking if they had any data to support the number of criminals purchasing ammunition legally. I cited the problem of criminals purchasing firearms through illegal street dealers processing stolen goods (or the criminals stealing the firearms themselves) , as shown in the 2006 FBI Violent Encounters Report, and asked how they would guarantee that a criminal would go the legal route if it would eventually mean background checks for ammunition purchasers. I also asked how they could guarantee that criminals wouldn't start seeking out to steal more ammunition if they could not purchase it legally due to background checks and serialization. This should be interesting to NOT hear back from... :rolleyes:

    Don't worry though, we'll be serialized before long, especially after we take those 'gumment' jobs we'll have to take to keep food on the table. That is, if they'll hire me being a white male and all... :rolleyes:

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    C'mon, everyone knows that criminals buy their bullets JUST like we do!! :eek::mad:
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    You know, just cause a guy is a criminal, doesnt mean he steals his ammo.

    This is just pumping sunshine up stupid peoples butts.

    Nice too that it will outlaw reloading. Just keep mandating and adding costs and controlls and 50% just give up. and screw the few remaining people.

    This is not about crime controll, it is all about legislating freedom away to controll the people.
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  7. So if you can buy the bullets w/ the numbers stamped for reloading...whats to stop a guy from dremeling off the numbers, reloading them, & then bad guys using them?

    Or a bad guy buys a box of ammo, pulls the bullet, erases the #'s & reinstalls the bullet.

    Our Politicians are soooo lame...:mad:
  8. gdmoody

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    I wonder what Glocknut thinks about our new President??
  9. 1shot1k

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    Read it while back, and believe is only firm involved.

    I thought before that ONE of , the most intersting things involving their
    literature/product is that per their own scope, they have a patented
    product first, and are now waiting for , and which will require , Federal legislation......whether all/some/none of such a concept or use is or ever
    will be of anything is one thing , but to me, if this firm winds up as player
    I think money trail should be followed, of course that only brings vermin
    into light of day, but that's sometimes all we have.

  10. Terry_P

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    Mar 23, 2008
    The fallacy for ammo microstamping is that most of us aren't capable of manufacturing a gun but most of us are capable (with the equipment) of making ammo. In addition there is so much ammo in the average individuals possession that it will take 50 years to get to the point where the stamped ammo is needed by the criminals. The law is an attempt to make criminals out of lawful gun owners. I will never throw out a bullet just because it doesn't have a stupid stamp on it.
  11. cycloneman

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    Dec 16, 2008

    I agree 100%. But they also don't want you to have ammo anymore, did you see the thread on limited life primers?
  12. Shellback

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    Jul 10, 2008
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    I was at the local gun shop yesterday and was going to buy 1000 win sm rifle primers and the owner told me I could only buy 500, it was only the win. for some reason, I know the other gun shops around here have em and don't ration them yet. This place is like the twilight zone anyway.
  13. KING64

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    Correct. Fourteen years assigned to homicide and the vast majority of cases solved involved hours and hours, days and days (sometimes months and years) of plain old detective work. Talking to people, delving into the victim's history and connections, his/her movements, etc. Sure, it is great to find/recover the weapon but there still must be a nexus established between that weapon and the recovered bullet and the suspect or defendant. Stamping bullets or casings may be a piece of evidence but it will still be a reach to make the necessary connections. Just because someone bought a box of ammo last year and one of those bullets was used in a crime this year or any subsequent year will still result in a looooong way to arrest and conviction without supporting evidence and/or testimony.
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    GN has my vote
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