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    At the weekend gun show, I stopped at a table selling a CLP gun product. They showed how it water proofed metal, but the most interesting part was when they put some water in a styrofoam cup. They sprayed in some Remoil and it floated on top of the water. Then they sprayed in some of their product. It mixed with the water. They did this over a bucket because their product dissolved the bottom of the cup. It ate right through there in a matter of seconds.
    I was thinking about the foam lined gun cases many come in. What would happen if your gun was covered in that stuff and it got on the foam? Would there be any damage to the case, or potential damage to the gun's finish? I didn't buy any of the stuff and lost the brochure she gave me, so I don't have the product's name. Just wondering.
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    Call me old-fashioned but I don't think I'd want any type of lube/protectant product that would mix with water. That means it'll mix with water when its on the the gun...bringing the water closer to the steel possibly.
    It was most likely a silicone coating with a petro-chemical solvent (that's what dissolved the styrofoam).
    Either it's got an emulsifier to mix with water or it's just plain heavier than water and sank to the bottom of the cup. If it ate out just the bottom of the cup, then it's heavier than water and it sank. If it ate the whole cup, then it did blend with the water.

    I still prefer oil for general use but for my cold-weather hunting rifles I use automotive paste wax for exterior protection and a teflon dry lube on the moving parts.
    I suppose I could probably use the teflon on the outside too but I know that the wax works.
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    Actually, no, the mixing with water is a good thing.

    Oil floats on top of water. If you have any type of water on your gun/knife/whatever, and oil it (thinking you are protecting it) the oil sits on top of the water, not touching the metal, and preventing the water from evaporating, thus encouraging rust.

    If your oil and water mixes, when you put the oil on a wet part, it mixes with the water, and the water can evaporate through it, leaving just the oil.

    That's one of the many reasons Ballistol is so good.

    As for "dissolves the styrofoam cup", that sounds like PB Blaster. It's a penetrating oil, and that's how they promote it. "It penetrates so well it gets between the molecules of this styrofoam cup". It IS a good penetrating oil, although what dissolving a styrofoam cup has to do with penetration powers, I don't know.

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