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    Dec 27, 2010
    I need to touch up a rifle of mine and have use hoppes cold blue in the past to find out that after application the fire arm continued to rust. Is there a better blueing agent out there that has rust preventatives in it? Which one do you guys think is the best? There are so many different kinds out there I dont know were to go with this Birchwood casey, hopppes, wonder blue, g96,black magic, brownells Oxpho blue, vans, ect. Please give me some helpful info.
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    my only experience has been with birchwood casey products cold bluing.

    offered in two shades, medium & blue/black.

    the directions for the blu/blk states it works better on hardened metals... i have used it on both types so i don't understand the purpose of the statement.

    normally several applicantions are needed, and degreasing is very important to achieve a uniform finish.

    you will probably have to try several different brands until you find one meeting your standards for color, application & price.

    good luck.......p.s. bluing will not prevent rust....yes, after using a cold blue it may continue to rust is not neutralized. remember most of these products are copper sulfate dissolved in a weak acid solution ...rise with baking soda water dry and oil.. that should do the trick!

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    I too have used a lot of Birchwood Casey with mixed results. About all you can do to prevent the rust with it is to oil it down regularly, at LEAST once per month or more if needed, depending on the time of year and the humidity.

    But my last one I did with the Brownells Oxpho-blue creme. I had much better luck with that, so that will be about all I use from now on.

    But any Blueing is just another form of oxidation of the metal (rust?), and Cold Blueing simply will never give the protection of Hot Blueing, so plan on keeping it well oiled no matter what you use.

    Sometimes I think the old timers had it right with "Browning" Any rust then just blends in when you rub it in to enhance the overall "patina."
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