Colt Commando Revolver

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    All right DOC, just bought myself a Colt Commando this morning. It's in honest "VG++" condition. I paid $300 for it. I don't really know if thats good or bad, but I just can't believe the level of craftsmanship that went into this thing. With the hammer down and the trigger back, there is ABSOLUTELY NO percieivable cylinder play! Anyway, anything you can tell me about this gun would be greatly appreciated!
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    Re: My "NEW" Colt Commando!
    Well, I dont know much about them but I'll try. By the way, you probably gave LTS a heart attack when he saw a Colt Commando for $300 - that's the 11.5" M16 also.

    Anyway, the Commando is Colt's military version of the Official Police. The US Govt in the early 40's was buying Colt and S&W .38 revolvers for auxilliary use and use by various stateside defense security personnel. Colt was swamped producing 1911's and could not produce enough Official Police revolvers, so the Gov't increased the S&W orders. Finally, in 1942, Colt was able to start producing more OP's, at $28 apiece, which the Gov't thought was just too damn high - they wanted revolvers under $25 apiece and suggested Colt cut some corners on the finish. Hence the Commando.

    Interestingly enough, the Commando saw some clandestine use by OSS folks and Counterintelligence Corps folks (probably the 2" version). Eisenhower is reported to have had a Commando.

    As the war progressed, the Defense Supply Corporation began to bitch about the handling fee being paid to the Army for procurement of the revolvers, and the agreements were changed to allow them to deal directly with Colt. That's why Commando's shipped after about mid-1944 have no military proofs. There was some cleanup of parts toward the very end of the war, and possibly some revolvers were sold commercially as late as 1946.

    The highest known serial number is just shy of 50300 (they were numbered from 1 up); even though Colt ledgers show higher numbers they have not cropped up anywhere that I've seen.

    It's an interesting "secondary martial" revolver. Hang on to it. Assuming it's a 4" gun, you got a fair deal but the price will go up as more information comes to light about this particular model.
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    yer right Doc, did a double take.......Hell 3,000.00......

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    Thanks for the the info, Now of coarse you've got me thinking that I probably ABSOLUTELY NEED an Official Police. What's the difference between these guns and a Police Positive? This could become addictive!(in a GOOD sort of way) Will this gun take a few occasional +P's or is that a no-no? Can't wait to shoot this one. Talk to you soon my friend.
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    Re: Yur the MAN, DOC!
    You can go absolutely nuts collecting Colt double-actions. At one time I had about 30 including a new-in-box Bankers Special and Courier. The Winchesters won out, though.

    Anyway, the Police Positive is a lighter frame, and in fact the Police Positive is a .38 Colt chambering (the Police Positive Special is the .38 Special). Although it probably would not hurt to fire the rare +P in the Commando, I wouldn't. There really isn't a need to.
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    You're a wellsprong of knowledge, my friend. You sure do bring alot to the table here, Doc. And we sure do appreciate it! Thanks again, buddy!
    P.S. I've already started saving for an Official Police or another Commando. By the way,Doc, Did Colt make a 6 shot snubbie in this type of "older configuration". If they did, how much would one run on "V.G.+" condition? I'm not gonna be happy until I get at least one or two more of these!

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    Re: Thanks Doc!

    Official Police was available in 2", the Commando was made in 2", the Marshal was made in 2", the original Detective Specials, and on and on and on.
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    Hold on there, guys. Is this Colt Commando a short .38 S&W revolver cartridge...its not a .38 special is it?

    I would think twice about shooting any +P velocity ammo in a .38 S&W short. They surely can't take the pounding of such pressures generated by the +P factors.

    I've got a .38 S&W short Colt OP revolver with the 4 inch barrel, finish pretty well gone but the bore is excellent and shoots to point of aim after having bent the front SIGHT over in my vice. Fun gun to shoot and mild in the recoil.

    I would just shoot factory specs loadings no hot stuff in that gun...please.


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  2. shakewell

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    Feb 23, 2008
    Hi guys, I just joined this forum. I have a Colt Commando also. My father left it to me.
    I`d like to know how old it might be and what it may be worth if anything.
    Here`s any and all markings just as they are on the revolver.
    #1 on the side of the barrel Colt Commando 38 Special
    #2 on top of barrel Colt`s PT. F.A. Mfg. Co. Hartford Ct U.S.A.
    Pat`d Aug. 5,1884,July 4, 1905, Oct 5,1926
    on the bottom underneath the handle on the left side 1131 B
    in front of the cylinder E487 N
    and lastly the serial # on the bottom of the handle is very hard to read buthere is what it looks like 269368 or 968 maybe. the last 3 numbers are very hard to make out. The 1st 3 could also be 263. Thanks for any help.

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