Colt Gold Cup Trophy

Discussion in 'The 1911 Forum' started by ysacres, Mar 8, 2003.

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    Picked up a Colt Gold Cup Trophy yesterday. Now this is a gun! It shoots much better than my Glock. Much better than the S&W 1911 I tried. It is "like night and day". My dealer says the guy he bought it from didn't have the money to shoot it much. It is very "tight". He wanted me to shoot it a few times before we send it out to be customized. I guess I won't be getting the "Twins" now. I don't like the sights "Elliason" adjustable sights? I can't imagine the gun shooting better.
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    Reply Colt Gold Cup Trophy

    The Gold Cup is a fine shooting 1911.

    Give the sights a chance. You might like them. Especially when shooting different ammo.

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    i have a gold cup trophy and at first it was hard to adjust to the sites but once i did i really liked them
    the gold cup in my opinion is one of the finest production
    pistols made it comes out of the box good to go there is no need to do anything to it besides maybe putting a full length guide rod in it and some shock buff pads. i'm gonna make a statement here and guys dont take it the wrong
    give me a gold cup trophy over a kimber anyday of the week but thats just me my stable runs wild and free
    w/ the best pistols made COLT
    ps. my gold cup came w/ bo-mar sites plain jane black on black i was used to using night sites on my other .45
    i hope you have several fine years owning your gold cup sir

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    I agree, The gold cup is one of the best guns out there
    for the money. Mine also has bomar sights and is very
    accurate. This is one gun that is a keeper.

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    Yup - Gold Cups shoot real nice. One is a National Match Gold Cup in SS and the other is a Gold Cup Trophy.

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    Bomar sights came with my Gold Cup Trophy.
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