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Discussion in 'The 1911 Forum' started by Smokin Guns, Jan 10, 2004.

  1. Got a call to come and pick it up! Any of ya want to pop some bowlin' pins later?...;)
  2. Well since the rest of ya didn't want to brave the cold...I went out by my lonesome. It's a shooter! do I know ya say?...'cuz I was hittin' what I was shootin' at!...Until my fingers went "wussy" on me, and I skedaddled back into the house!!!...[​IMG]

  3. The Pic..

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  4. Shooter45

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    Feb 9, 2001
    Here at TFF
    Looks good.

    And like any 1911, the more you shoot, the more you will like it.
  5. armabill

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    Sep 2, 2002
    Glenolden, Pa.
    Did you get that for a song?:D

  6. armabill, I wish someone would give me a gun or two...for my expert playin' 'n sangin'...:cool:
  7. stash247

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    Oct 18, 2003
    Central Texas
    Have you replaced the roll pin yet?
    Do it now, so you don't have to root round in the dirt, to find the rest of the sight!
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