Combo Axes Recalled over Laceration Risk

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    Combo Axes Recalled over Laceration Risk (05/11/2011)
    The Consumer Product Safety Commission has announced a recall of Gerber Legendary Blades Gator Combo Axes. The axes, sold at retail stores across the country, have a knife in the handle that can pop out unexpectedly, posing a laceration risk to the user. The axes were sold starting in March 2005 for $28 to $60. - Staff Report, The Salt Lake Tribune:
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    FUnny story to go with that, I went to smokey mountain knife works a week ago, and I saw these axes. I thought they looked neat. As I was examining them closely, I looked to the right of them and saw a plain white piece of paper with the recall information on them. I laughed a little bit and looked. Sure enough, the axes were the ones that needed to be recalled.
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    can you say "sue me"
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