Complete NEWBIE - Part 2

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    May 3, 2008
    Thanks everyone for your help. Sorry this is sort of a run on from previous post.

    LDBennett..... I just picked it up my kit last night..... it's not even out of the box yet - Just the manual that cam in it. I have no intentions of putting this thing on a fast track to no-wheresville. I am definitly doing my homework first.... that's why I'm hear. There's a Speers manual that came the kit. I'm going to read that first. Then I'm ordering the Sierra manual as I plan to use some Sierra Matchking bullets. I'm also ordering a small manual that has only .308 information - I believe it compares a number of different bullet manufactures and has the specs for them.

    I don't have much of teh BLC2 Powder left. Is there a powder that's better than another. I know it depends on what the individual gun likes, but there has to be a starting point that's a favorite right? What about Varget.. I've seen that mentioned alot. Who's the manufacturer? Again.... all your help is appreciated.
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