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    wrong you may completely disagree with his policies and who he is but he is the president of the united states. I could not stand Bush as much as you can not stand obama but I would never wish for him to be assassinated. This is our country and his fight for it not against it. He was voted in by the American people and HE WAS do not come up with conspiracy theories and claims he was wrongly elected that's what everyone says when they disagree with a president. Disagree with him yes kill him? never You are an American Your are better than that.
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    Many of my Family fought in Various Units of Alabama Infantry. Most of them,so very poor they could not begin to own a slave. They Fought because they were invaded and if you can get your hands on some History Books and Articles that have been printed as history and not a political point of view you can find out how dishonest "Honest" Abe really was. For Starter go back and read the Lincoln Douglas debate and learn how he really felt about folks being "Equal and such. Go back and read where he show down Newpapers and Incarsarated Citizens who disagreeed with him. (Btw: That is where we are headed now! Tyranny is alive and well in this Country. I am a Patriot and I will always be a Patriot and All men are created Equal Which my Ancestors believed. They were not fighting for Slavery they were fighting for Freedom. Yes there were some real jerks who were brutal in the South just like there are were Jerks in the North, epecially one in the White House who protected Slaver owners there and then Oppressing Slave owners in the South. It Was a War of Northern Agression and there is a Real Jerk in the White House Right Now. Jimmy Carter Was the Worst Jerk of all time with the exception of the Current Jerk who desire nothing more that to be King.

    All that being said and getting back to the Thread, the Battles Flags of the Units were Sacred to those guys an as is Old Glory to America Today! History has been so twisted because Northern Aggression is Still Strong today and it is manifested in Twisted Distorted History with the Goal of Making Us, Southerns and All Americans be ashamed for our History.

    Days are soon approaching my friends when you will not be able to sneeze without the permission of the Crown.

    Instead of worrying about whether the Conferderate Battle Flag is offensive, be remind that there is currently and ALL Out Frontal Assualt on Old Glory and that is offensive beyond discription to me. Look at all the places in the White House and other places it has been removed. My God we allowed somebody who doesn't comprehend Freedom to be the "President" and that quite Frankly is staggering. However, that has come about through the production of Twisted History books that have achieve their Goal of Reestablishing the Crown in America.

    I have a replica of the Battle Flag of the 37th Alabama and I am pround of my Ancestors who proudly served their Country under that banner. Their Country was Alabama and they fought here and in neighboring states. Out of that, States ability to govern themselves was really born and solidified. Course that is out the Window now because the Jerks in Washington don't mind "Illegals" doing all kinds of Vile stuff and won't bother them as they represent support for the Crow.

    Folks, my God, Rally around Old Glory and quit worring about the Confederate Battle Flag. We are loosing this nation to Tyranny.

    Wait Just a minute:

    I had to go salute the 37th Alabama Battle Flag and feel real good about it.

    You know, I have always wondered how many Government Trolls roam these Boards. I don't know any of you and I am not implying anything, but think about it. They know where the resistance is and how to find it by asking goal oriented questions. Course they have that right, under the First.
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    Mr. Bozeman,

    Well said sir!
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    My avatar says it all.
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    I've been curious for a some time as to why, exactly, the Confederate battle flag had 13 stars on it. The last time I checked I found that only 11 states seceeded from the Union and joined the Confederacy.

    I know that in its present arrangement the battle flag would appear somewhat off balance minus those two stars but I seriously doubt that is the reason for their presence on the flag.

    I have a few other theories that are a bit more likely but I'm intrested in the opinion of others on the subject. If you have one then lets hear it. I'd like to put this quandry to rest once and for all.
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    The Union may have been preserved, but at what cost? The price for the North's victory was the de facto abolishment of State's Rights for every State. The US ceased to be a Republic and dropped into Democracy, which our Founding Father's thought to be no better than a Monarchy.

    Historian Shelby Foote recalled a story about a Southern captive being asked questions by his Yankee captors. When asked if he had any slaves he politely replied no. When pushed further about why he was fighting in the war, he replied "I'm fighting because you're down here"

    In other words, the South was invaded by an intolerant North totally ignoring the fact that each state may act in it's best interest regarding activities within said state without other states or the Federal Gov't intervening, and in much the same way, the Liberals are forcing their PC BS down our throats today.

    Health Care reform, cap and trade, carbon credits, green BS.... they might as well be an invading army. At least we would know how to defeat THAT army.
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    I believe they wanted Maryland and Kentucky to secede as well.

    45, a well written description of my families reasons for fighting
    in that conflict. It is all too familiar.

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    The 12th star was for Missouri
    The 13th was for Kentucky.

    Deo Vindice (God will Defend US)

    Al Mount
    Past 2nd Lt. Commander
    Sons of Confederate Veterans
    Gen. Sterling Price Camp# 145
    St. Louis, Mo.
  9. red14

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    Thanks Al, I couldn't remember if it was Kentucky or Maryland.
    I was half right, as usual.
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    All this talk about how the Northerners loved the blacks and fought the war to free them was probably true for a few, mainly the church going folks. I think that the vast majority of Northerners didn't give a flip about blacks and were just as prejudice as anyone in the South. They sure didn't want their daughters to marry a black man.

    Also, Slavery existed in the North prior to 1830, so how could these Northerners go to war over something that their fathers and grandfathers were doing and not feel like hypocrites?

    I think that it was fought more over trade and states rights than slavery. Slavery was definitely an issue and did encourage those opposed, but it goes deeper than slavery. The war almost occurred during Andrew Jackson's presidency and at that time, both North and South had slavery. The winner rights the history, so it will probably always remain a war over slavery vs. other issues.
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    If I remember my history correctly, the actual Confederate Battle Flag used two guns to form the "X" and not two diagonal stripes. I know that most people associate the well known diagonal stripe flag as the "Confederate Flag", but really it is not.

    This country, on a large part, was built with money from the cotton and tobacco fileds, and we are still the main supplier of tobacco to the entire world, so to be disrespectful of this flag is the same as being disrespectful of everything the south contributed, and continues to contribute, that made and continues to make, this the greatest country the planet! Without tobacco and cotton (and the slaves required to keep such crops), this country may have very well failed and we would not be discussing this at all. So, regardless of what people may ignorantly think the flag symbolizes, it is as big of a part of this country and our precious heritage and culture as other US flags and as such, deserves just as much respect!

    I am not from the South, but have always loved the idea of and been drawn to the South. Maybe it is the romantic idea of the old South's gentlemenly ways, maybe I lived there in a past life, who knows! I just don't see the Confederate Flag (either the true flag or the generally accepted verison) in any kind of bad light. I see it as a 100% American Flag. A flag that symbolizes a very dark time in the history of this country that we were lucky to recover from.
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    The extra two stars were for Kentucky and Missouri, neither State seceded.
    Vanceburg, Kentucky has the most southern monument to the Union Army soldiers near the steps to the County courthouse. Lincoln signed the "Emancipation Proclamation" as a political expedient to keep England from sending troops to aid the Confederacy. Slavery was proven to be a very expensive waste of money and manpower. Slavery died a very quiet death about 1870 in Cuba, when steam engines became available to replace manpower. fter the war ended, landowners who survived the thieving carpetbaggers found it was cheaper to hire field hand when they were needed. They were not responsible for their care and upkeep, just ahd to pay them their wages when they worked. Some former slaves continued to live and work for their former "masters" as a matter of chioce, and as in most cases as with all of us, economic necessity.
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    Not quite. Lynn Haven, Florida is quite a bit south of Kentucky. The town was started as a "retirement community" for GAR veterans.
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