Contempt of Court

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    Contempt of Court

    The following is an excerpt from a trial where a witness is trying to obtain a guardianship for a childless widowed aunt who has Alzhiemer's disease. The witness has had power of attorney for twenty years since the death of the uncle. The aunt while still in possession of her mental faculties gave the witness access to her bank accounts also about twenty years before this court case.

    Court Appointed Lady Lawyer: How far do you live from the aunt?

    Witness: 105 miles

    Lawyer: Can't a family member closer care for her?

    Witness: I only have two cousins who will not help with her care

    Lawyer: From 105 miles away what will you do if she gets sick?

    Witness: She is in an assisted living home with a Registered
    Nurse on staff

    Lawyer: What is she needs to go to hospital?

    Witness: Call an ambulance. Hospital is one mile away

    Lawyer: What if they can't find a doctor?

    Witness: There are 15 doctors in the group she uses Always one

    Lawyer: What if they can't find him?

    Witness:(Exasperated and a little POed) Lady, I was a
    Registered Pharmacist for 40 years. I can find her a
    doctor !!!!

    Lawyer: Well, Can you be bonded ?

    Witness(Very POed) : Yes Ma'm When I went on the Witness
    Protection Program my old record was erased. I can now
    be bonded:

    Dead Silence in the courtroom until the court stenographer almost fell off her stool laughing. Lawyer for witness hid his face in his hands. Lady Lawyer catching flies with mouth wide open.

    And that my friends was as close as I ever came to being held in contempt of court

    The judge granted me guardianship and BJ and I looked after my aunt for four more years. We did move her out of that jurisdiction and put her in a home about 20 miles from us We failed to notify the court of the move however.( Heh Heh)

    After her death We went back to sell her house. As the introductions to the lawyers were being made one announced that he had already heard of me.
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  3. :D:D:D:D:D:D LOL... well I had a drink tonight....and I get it!!!
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    :):):)After a crappy day at work It"s nice to read a funny story.:):):)
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    Sometime it is a pleasure to see a lawyer encounter an honorable person and some of them never have a clue. Kind of like a Congresscritter.
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    My brother was declared incompetent due to Alzheimers related dimentia. I had his power of attorney for a while when it was recommended I go to court and get guardianship. I am now his guardian and it costs my brother thousands of dollars a year for me to file court documents and lawyers fees for orders to pay certain of his bills that I was paying before I was appointed his guardian. And all this in the guise of making sure his money isn't squandered. If any of you think the government will save you money by taking control of anything, I've got a great deal for you on a bridge in Brooklyn. I can't believe anyone could be suckered into thinking any government run program is better than no program at all.
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    I found out later that if the judge had appointed one of his cronies to be guardian that they could have charged 10% of her assets as a fee. Then the judge and his cronie could split the fee.
    I later without the knowlege of the court moved her out of State but within 25 miles of my home. I somehow managed to forget to notify the court(heh heh)
    All this took place in a small town of about 30,000. My son-in-law was my lawyer and it really embarrassed him when I came out with the Witness protection bit.
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    Why doesn't it surprise me when I hear about loopholes in the system, that can create windfalls for the folks who are in power over our everyday lives. :mad:

    Thanks for the story Bob! I know how you are, & 'bout fell off my chair when I read the Witness protection part!! I can just see you saying it! :D :D :D

    SR :)
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