Cop charged in shooting death....

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    Jun 12th 2003

    Officer Christopher Gaynor was booked at the Hamilton County Jail this
    afternoon and released on his own recognizance.

    After a two-week long investigation, police now say it was Officer
    Gaynor who fired the shot that killed John Eric Henderson.
    "What he did was wrong. And, when you do wrong, you have to pay for your
    sins. And, pay for your crime," says Nancy Harris.

    Several times a week, Nancy Harris drives past the spot where John Eric
    Henderson was killed two weeks ago. She not only faults Officer
    Christopher Gaynor for the shooting, but also the police department. She
    says if the rookie had received better training, maybe Henderson
    wouldn't be dead.
    "These officers that they're training, they're just turning them
    out--they're green. They don't know what they're doing. They haven't had
    enough experience," says Harris.

    Gaynor is charged with criminally negligent homicide after he shot and
    killed Henderson, his fourth day on patrol alone. Gaynor says Henderson
    walked to the passenger side of his car and reached in the window.
    "From what I recall in Officer Gaynor's statement, he felt like that, he
    thought Mr. Henderson was going for a weapon, and that he was in fear of
    his life," explained Chief Jimmie Dotson after the shooting.

    A gun was never found in Henderson's car. And, his family's attorney
    says Henderson was about eight feet away from his car when he was
    "It was tragic. It was, in my opinion, needless. And, now we'll see what
    the justice system will do," says Attorney John Wolfe.

    When asked if he feared the police would not be forthcoming in the
    Gaynor case, Wolfe said he's optimistic.
    "I mean, they did this in two weeks. They arrested one of their own in a
    very short time, unprecedented really in this city. So, there must be
    some very plain facts, facts that are very plain to them that caused
    this arrest to be made," says Wolfe.

    Wolfe says if the police department improves its relations with the
    community, as a result of this tragedy, then John Henderson's family
    will be happy.
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