Copper Plated Bullet Caution

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  1. mgatc

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    Dec 1, 2010
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    I see a lot of questions inquiring about copper plated bullets. I use them and they certainly provide a lot of "bang for the buck" (pun intended:D:D)

    Wanted to pass along an experience that I had with them. My son went to the range and took a box of 180gn 40cal rounds that I had just loaded. His XDM jammed on the 7th shot. He took it to a gun shop on the way home and the pictures are what they pulled out after using a vise and hammering the slide back.

    Bear in mind that this is ALL MY FAULT. As soon as he told me what the bullet looked like, I new that I had failed to flair the case mouth enough causing the edge of the brass to cut underneath the copper plating. I am very happy the round failed to fire.

    Learn from my mistakes. 1. I did not use enough flair to properly seat the bullet. 2. I did not inspect the finished rounds closely enough to catch this.

    I will continue to use copper plated bullets, more confidently now with this lesson learned.

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  2. woolleyworm

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    Well, the bullet being mis-seated was your fault, but putting it in the gun wasn't... a good lesson for everyone to inspect the ammo one last time before putting it in the chamber/magazine/etc. Happens to the best of us though.

    Very glad it didn't fully chamber and get lit; there would have been a pretty good amount of gases coming back into the chamber since the case couldn't expand fully if it had gone off.

  3. mgatc

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    Dec 1, 2010
    Florence, SC
    Yep. Knew the consequence if this thing had fired and I too am very thankful. My son will do a better job of inspecting his loads while loading from now on as well.
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