Countersniper scopes????

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    May 3, 2008
    Sorry in advance for posting this here. I posted it in the competition section thinking it's the best place, but no responses. So here you go.

    I have a Nikon Monarch scope variable power up to 16x. At 200 yds its pretty hard to see the 1" square I'm aiming at. I'm joining a club with a 600yd range. I'm looking at a Countersniper brand scope, either 32x max or 40x max power. Some of the reviews of the scope are great, some are not so great.

    Anyone have any experience with them... I'd prefer a Nightforce, but that's just out of my price range.
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    Dec 20, 2003
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    Have you got the scope focused correctly? To see a 1/2 MOA target at 200 yds, that is critical.

    Focusing scopes (adjustable objective or side focus scopes) require the correct adjustment to get a clear image:

    First you have to focus the rear lens assembly on the cross hairs. That is done by viewing the clear sky and getting the cross hairs sharp with the rear adjustment. It helps to look at the sky out of the scope and quickly look into the scope to determine if the cross hairs are sharp after making the initial adjustment.

    Then adjust the focus on the target with the front or side adjustment. When all is adjusted correctly the parallax should be all gone at the target's range. That is, you should be able to mount the gun in a rest, point it at the at the target and move you head around behind the scope and NOT see the crosshairs move on the target. If you have it adjusted at all worng the crosshairs will move in respect to the target.

    The scale on the scope for range should only be close to the actual range and not used as the only adjustment tool for the range you are shooting at.

    Nikon makes good stuff. You should be able to see the 1/2 MOA target at 200 yds, I would think.


  3. .308 shooter

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    May 3, 2008
    Thanks LD.... I believe I do have the adjustments set correctly.. I've adjusted the back focus along with the side adjustment. The target isn't really moving on the target, it's just that it's so small the crosshairs are covering the target almost completely (they're not really fine crosshairs). I just want to get the target closer in the sights so I can try to pinpoint a little better. I'm looking at a 32x or 40x max power scope.

    I am going to try to your set up on the focusing though..... I've not done it by viewing the sky though. I'm going to the range today, so we'll see what happens.