Couple more Caribou

Discussion in 'The Hunting & Fishing Forum' started by Zhurh, Oct 22, 2011.

  1. Chinook

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    No doubt. Its certainly an investment, but I try to make it a little more "worthwhile." If you are on a tighter budget, only buy the Caribou, or moose tag. Some folks dont' really care for moose, but I find it very tasty! You can feed a small army for many months if all you ate was Moose! But you divvy it out, and it will last a year or better. No problem. You end up with a lot of meat when you get into AK's BIG, big game. I guess its just a trade off. I eat maybe 15 pounds of beef. In all forms.. Every year, but I usually go through a little over 200 pounds of big game every year. I'd say 10% does get given away, another 10 gets made into "stew chunks," 15% or so gets ground, usually with pork fat, 25% are "steaks" or "slabs" of meat, and another 40% or so gets cured, or made into pepperoni, jerky, or what have you. And it usually all gets consumed! I might spend a few hundred bux or more a year on beef, or pork, or chicken from the grocery store if I didnt have Alaskan game on hand. Definetly not a better value by any means, but its a worthwile trade off to make! All it takes is time! Alaska is worth it just to see the scenery! Beautiful place to draw big game blood.
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    Jul 10, 2009
    :dance:they look small are they the size of a deer? send me some horns i do like them

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    Not quite! Hehehe! They are bigger than Elk, Lots are well in excess of 500 lbs. live and kick'n of course. Some people say they have taken 1000# caribou, but I dont think Ive ever seen one that big. Big critters for sure!
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    Mar 19, 2010
    Upper Yukon, Alaska
    Caribou are bigger than whitetails we got back east in Pennsylvania. Bulls 3-4-5 hundred lb or more, cows are about size of an 8 point deer. In that pict, were young bulls, cows & calves. We can gut and swing cows over side of a pickup bed, not bulls. We are getting Whitetails & mnt lions moving in from Canada, elk are only couple hundred miles away too;;; someday maybe my kids will be eating them too.

    My buddy with the forge gets all my horns for knife handles. Not many people here are into sport hunting, just meat. Some throw racks on top of their roofs, but most don't hang them, some do outside but nobody has racks inside or trophy rooms. Seen as immoral, comes from Indians around here. They don't believe in bragging about wildlife as they think the moose allow themselves to be killed to provide food for man. Moose know it's their purpose on earth to do this Everything has a purpose in nature. The Indian influences spread to the Whites and affects our worldview of Nature.

    All I know is moving to Alaska is the best thing I ever did, no regrets; just wish I'd had done it when I was younger. I came into the country when I was in late 30's. I just feel like I belong right here, never felt that way my entire life when I lived back east. Now our kids are off at school, daughter's going to Texas to school nx fall, I guess UAA isn't good enough anymore. Wifey says she wants to live closer to the kids down the road; but that won't occur until I leave this earth; hopefully many years away, ha ha. As if the kids want their mum around, ha ha.
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