Crescent Firearms 16Ga Shotgun???

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    I recently found an old Crescent Firearms Co. 16 ga Single shot shotgun under a pile of jungue on my fathers work bench. (He's recently deceased.) I would like to know more about this shotgun and if there are any schematics/exploded views available for it.

    "Armory Quality Steel" is stamped into the top of the barrel near the chamber. "LLH" is stamped under the foregrip.

    "Victor Ejector
    Crescent Firearms Co.
    Norwich Connecticutt USA"

    is stamped on the side of the receiver. The serial number is 693XXX

    I believe these were a line of cheap shotguns made prior to 1960. Any information would be appreciated.
  2. Hello powdersmoke,

    Crescent Firearms Co. ceased business under that name in late 1930 when they were bought out by the Savage Arms Corp., and Savage formed a new company called "Crescent-Davis Arms Corp., Norwich CT". Based on the markings on your shotgun, and the fact that it has a fluid steel barrel, I would estimate that it was made sometime between 1920 and 1930. You are correct in that they were an inexpensively made shotgun. I do not know of any source of schematics for it, but you really shouldn't need any either... they used a very simplistic design. I am sure that if you break it down, you will be surprised at how basic it is. Good luck with it.


    Oops... forgot to mention that it most likely has a short (2 9/16") chamber in it.
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  3. Barrels marked 'Armory Steel' have been seen on Crescent shotguns made as early as 1892. Crescent used both 'Armory Steel' and the twist barrels depending on customer preference. The customer in this case would have been the Hibbard, Spencer & Bartlett hardware conglomerate, since it does not have any 'American Gun Co' markings.

    I am currently working on a book dealing with hardware-store shotguns of the late 1800's through 1920, with a serial number reference for Crescent. Very difficult research, and it may end up only being approximations based on what few factory invoices I've been able to turn up. I am going to estimate your shotgun manufacture date c.1900-1910 based on a few known pieces I've discovered. At this time, Crescent was wholly owned by a distributor called H&D Folsom whose primary business was selling goods to hardware retailers.

    I would bet your shotgun does have a 2 9/16" chamber, which was standard for the 16ga before 1920. Please do not attempt to shoot modern shells in that shotgun.
  4. Hello CG,

    Joe Vorisek has already completed (for the most part) exactly what you are trying to write. He has released several updates to his listing over the years. If you are interested in obtaining a copy of it, let me know and I will put you in touch with him.

  5. No, Vorisek's "Shotgun Markings" is a good general reference but this research is much deeper into the companies themselves, the people behind the companies, the different makes/models and how they differed, the interchange of designs and technologies, etc.

    I have been collecting private-brand shotguns for a while and piddle with restoring them as I have time.
  6. OK, but you might try contacting Joe... I believe that he has nearly completed exactly the same thing that you mention above (in addition to a new update to his listings of the various markings found on all those inexpensive scatterguns).

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