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    As a follow up to primer questions.......

    I have seen advertised on the web such things as "once fired" brass and "military" brass. I assume most all military ammunition has the Berdan primer in them.

    I also see brass advertised as having the "crimp removed", also assuming it's from the Berdan primer.

    The pricing for this stuff appears to be pretty good, but my question is this:

    If the crimp is removed from military brass with the Berdan primer, can I use the ex-military brass with the crimp removed and use conventional primers when reloading?

    I think I got that all out without confusing anybody!

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    Scooter: Military primers are crimped as per mil spec. They are for the most part boxer primed if made in the US. The crimp "removed" is the primer rim in the base.

    I hope this helps. If it isn't boxer primed you probably don't want it.

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    Ah, so!

    So, "crimped" doesn't necessarily mean Berdan priming, it's just part of the manufacturing process for military ammunition, to make sure it doesn't fall out (?!?!?).

    "Crimp removed" means that there has been some work done to the brass to eliminate the crimp, and will allow a conventional primer to be installed.

    Did I get it right, Smokey?

    Anything else I should look out for on ex-military brass and projectiles?

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    Re: Crimped?
    That's about right. "Crimp removed" means that someone has lightly swaged the circumference of the primer seat so that a new primer can be seated. You can get military fired brass even cheaper if you want to swage them yourself.

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    If you look in the primer pocket and see more than one hole, don't use the brass. Never put a Boxer primer in a Berdan pocket.

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    I think I got it, guys.

    I ran across a batch of 9mm Berdan primed stuff the other day, that I was going to attempt to reload for a friend of mine. ALMOST learned the hard way not to do this thing. Caught it in the nick of time.

    Well, I'm going out to spend some of my hard earned $$$ to see what I can find to reload. I've got enough 45cal to last me for awhile, so I think I'll see what kind of 9mm and 30cal carbine stuff I can find.

    Thanks again for the response, guys!

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    Scooter try this site for all kinds of GI brass they have it all ways.When I first started loading .308 I had to use a special decapping pin with a hammer to remove the crimped in GI primers, then a reamer to remove that little sliver of brass that is sometimes left in the pocket--it is all worth it to get some great ammo

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    Thanks Idsteff,

    I had seen soem of their advertisements on line at other places, and that's exactly who I want to try out.

    Anybody got any other suggestions?
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