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  1. olmossbak

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    Feb 12, 2009
    NE Tenn
    I like to call then in to irritate the neighbors. My neighbors and I have large pin oaks in our yards and there are so many crows around that I can fill up the trees in a few minutes. We are in a city limits so I couldn't shoot them if I wanted.
  2. May I ask a question here?:p:p Are what you are calling crows the ones with yellow beak and legs? And are ravens the all black ones? They all seem to be called "crows." The all black ones are very smart. In fact, birds in general are smart. I saw a thing on Animal Planet that said the parrot was the smartest of all animals;). I gave up killing birdies a long time ago. It felt awful to kill a bird for some reason. I usually don't kill any critters, unless they're varmints, and then only when that's the last resort. I have spent hours shooting ground squirrels. A worthy advisary, just glad they couldn't shoot back. TJ

  3. 300 H&H

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    Apr 1, 2007

    It's almost like they can read minds....I find I can kill them, if and only if I can keep my mind on something else while I prepare my rifle, and the shot. The more successfull I am at this, the more likely I am to shoot one! Some times I think of "nice" experiances with ex girl friends....I kid you not........Regards, Kirk
  4. TranterUK

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    I fully agree with this, short of rodents that do damage. For example Grey Squirrels round here damage many healthy trees by pulling off bark, eventually killing them. As a non native type they are also busy displacing the UKs Red squirrel, which they out breed. Numbers of Greys have got to a point where some are calling for total eradication. Shooting them, or rats when I get the chance is something I willingly do.
  5. Suwannee Tim

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    Feb 11, 2009
    I have shot one crow that was part of a group of maybe 200 crows harassing a owl, I think they might have killed him if I had not intervened.
    I have several times been in the immediate vicinity of owls having a "conversation". Three or four or five of these guys will just talk and talk and talk. Until I throw in my opinion, that is make my best attempt at an owl vocalization. Every time I have ever done this, ten or twelve times, they have without exception stopped calling. They did not leave they just stopped calling, completely stopped and they will not resume. They know each other and they did not recognize my voice. I guess I needed a formal introduction. Barred owls will not flush as you approach. I have been so close to a barred owl I could have reached out and touched him with my fingers.
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  6. Biologically, there is really not a heck of a lot of difference between rats and squirrels, Tranter. Indeed, there is some evidence that they can actually cross breed in rare instances, though that has not been proven. They call the result a "squirrat." ;)

    As for shooting squirrels though, has the Her Majesty's government considered the enormous cost in bird feeders??? ::::::ducking::::: :D;):p
  7. Suwannee Tim

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    Feb 11, 2009
    There is no question they can read minds, some minds. The closer a mind is to a crow mind the more readily they can read it. It seems they can read yours with alacrity.
  8. ckill1

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    Dec 29, 2007
    SW Iowa
    I will kill the "sky carp" when chance allows, for the damage done to my garden, and worse, the damage done to spring pheasant nests. Local DNR officer told me nothing hurt the pheasant population around my neck of the woods more than the common crow.

  9. Suwannee Tim

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    Feb 11, 2009
    Squirrels love to get on the top of a distribution transformer, the kind that hangs on a pole in front of your house. They then try to climb the bushing and BOOM! Braised squirrel. It always burns all the hair off and in that condition they look much like a rat. Rats and squirrels are in the same order, rodentia but different families, muridae versus sciuridae, it is impossible for members of different taxonomic families to reproduce. As an example, humans and chimpanzees are of the same family, hominidae, though they cannot produce offspring. For a squirrel and a rat to produce offspring would be less likely but you cannot get less likely than impossible.
  10. Marlin

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    Back during the early and mid-forties we used to hunt Squirrel and crows both at the foot of Hart's Mountain in my home town. Actually killed a few and loved the challenge. :)

    I used either the Marlin model 39 or my Winchester model 67. Even though the 67 was only a single shot, it's 30" barrel was a little extra insurance.....
  11. Suwannee Tim

    Suwannee Tim New Member

    Feb 11, 2009
    One of my favorite pastimes in years past was shooting rats at the local feed mill. The only requirement placed on us was that we clean up the mess and not leave the stinking carcasses laying around. To this end we used five gallon buckets. Our best effort was four and a half five gallon buckets of rats. Never ate one though. Once a semi stacked high with chickens wrecked nearby. My buddy and I went chicken hunting. We had a good half ton of chickens, probably more. We had to call for reinforcements to help clean them. That gets to be hard work after a couple of hours.
  12. olmossbak

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    Feb 12, 2009
    NE Tenn

    Another reason why Michael Jackson doesn't have children.:D:D:D
  13. 45nut

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    Jul 19, 2006
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    I understand why some folks don't hunt animals unless they're going to eat them. However, I don't have problem with killing varmits. Crows do a lot of damage to game populations and crops, so therefore, they are pests IMHO.

    It doesn't mean I don't think they are smart because they sure are and if you want to hone your stalking skills try crow hunting on an afternoon. As a matter of fact, my buckskinng name is Big Crow. You just ain't gonna sneak up on a big crow, they are old and as smart as they can be. I respect the heck out of them, but it doesn't mean I won't shoot them if I get the chance.
  14. catfish83861

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    Nov 15, 2006
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    Well I guess I am possibly in the minority here, but here goes.
    Wolves have no natural predators.
    Ravens have almost no predators
    Crows have no natural predators.
    Alligators have no natural predators.
    Bobcats have almost no natural predators.
    Grizzly Bears have absolutely no natural predators.

    I however am one of natures alpha predators and yes I do kill some animals without regard to if I have any intention of eating them. I salute those individuals who never have the need or requirement to minimize the damage that some species cause. I even resort to the use of mouse traps and yes even D-Con poison at times.So even at the risk of being judged as a cruel and heartless individual. I do sometimes kill without the thought of eating my intended target. Do I kill for fun. NO of course not. I kill because something/someone has to control or at least attempt to control those species that are not normally controlled by nature. Never kill except for food, now that's a broad statement. Like I previously stated I salute you. I however believe that it is my and every responsible outdoors person to assist nature when we can.I am not flaming anyone,I just wanted to make the point that at times. Certain species need to be thinned down more than nature has the opportunity to do. Again I do not wish to insult or hurt any feelings. We simply may have a difference of opinion. My last point is , I live in the woods.I walk the trails almost daily.I feed many species of animals and birds.Am I always right? NO, as a matter of fact I am learning every day I am in the woods. I hope to continue until the day I die. Respectfully catfish
  15. Suwannee Tim

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    Feb 11, 2009
    Only in America can a poor black boy grow up to be a rich white woman.
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