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  1. roadkingsteve

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    Went to an "Estate Sale" today. Came out with six. This is one of the jewels, maybe the crown. It's a .357 Lawman, Nickel, Ser. # L374XX.
    Means 1976 I think. It's been fired but not much.

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    Aug 8, 2009
    That's real nice.
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    Thanks, unfortunately I will have to part with IT or my SP 101. That was mama's money I spent at the estate sale and she wants it back.

    PS. I have a S&W 9 MM on the buy & sell, maybe I won't have to part with either one.
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    May 18, 2009
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    Nothing like the mystic and beauty of older guns and guitars. If I didn't have two kids I'd have alot more of them. I sold my Gold Cup Model 70 series so I could buy my son a quality bass guitar and amp. I always wanted both of my children to play an instrument. Do I miss it, heck yea... Would I do it again, heck yea. When I see him play with a local band I just smile and say, "It was worth it". P.S. I really don't like the music but I'll bet my mother and father felt the same with me playing Deep Purple and Grand Funk Railroad back in the days.