Custer SAA revolvers

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    I keep seeing references online to "Custer SN range" Colt SAA revolvers and read a post on a forum by a fellow who claims to have one of the genuine Little Bighorn revolvers, does anyone know what happened to all the revolvers issued to Custer's cavalry? Would they not have all been refurbished afterward and cut down to Artillery Models by the Gov.? If anyone has any info or can provide a link about these firearms I would appreciate. Thanks
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    Each military unit had their pistols issued by serial number blocks - that doesn't mean that every gun in that particular block was physically issued! Many soldiers - especially officers - carried privately purchased sidearms instead of their issued sidearms. Custer, for example, carried a brace of .450 Royal Irish Constabulary double-action revolvers to the Little Big Horn. The "Custer Number Range" Colts are mainly for the collector's value - even if they never left the Quartermaster's arms locker.
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    Custer SAA Revolvers mostly ended up in the hands of the Indians who terminated Custer's command, except those used by Reno and Benteen's troops who survived. The only authenticated Custer Revolvers/Riflles and Indians weapons used in the battle have been verified by the US Park Service. Over a two decades ago there was a large fire on the old battlefield. Park Service Archeologists used the event to search the battlefield, which has always been covered heavily with plains grasses. During the search they found hundreds of expended rounds, cases, and unexpended rounds. They used forensics to verify what kind of guns the rounds belonged to originally. They were able to trace the course of individuals who fought in the battle by where they fired from and to. Some guns owned by museums and collectors have been verified by forensics as actually being fired on the battefield. Less then a dozen verified Custer Battlefield guns have been identified. This web link below will get you to the information about the battlefield survey and what they found.
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    It hasn't been too long ago that I read a story about an actual Custer battleground Colt was turned in when the Brits banned handguns. The pistol was destroyed along with all the other "turn ins" over the protests of many prominant historians both in England and over here. What a shame. I also saw where there is a barn in England that was built with surplus used lumber from old dismantled ships. One of the timbers in the barn is the keel(and so marked) from the Mayflower. We want it and they aint givin' it up. Damned Redcoats !
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