Custom ammo list and contact ( 2 months after i promised someone)

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    Jan 11, 2010
    this is the custom and AP ammo maker i was talking about in a thread i cannot now find

    it did get heated .. i dunno your rules, i just bought it , worked the majic with the paper work sent it by sea to Australia and got some left here now ( I like the teflon coated carbide penetrator with steel follower a lot )

    and on steel plates if you want fireworks

    try the Cobra HSA, i shot all i had , just too much fun.

    here is the range, again sorry for the delay the email is the contact, ,my last purchase was 4 years ago (almost 5)

    it may not exist now , but it showed the range this guy had everything , he bought from everywhere and traded in stuff back then

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