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    Feb 23, 2011
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    I spent months looking online for a sling for my Ruger M77. I couldn't find anything I wanted, then I stumbled on this web site
    Marty Overstreet. I called and we talked for about an hour, what he does, what I wanted, how he does his work. Of course he was checking me out, seeing if I was serious, what I wanted, etc.
    I ordered a traditional oak leaf/acorn sling. Now, when I ordered it, I gave him complete freedom to do what he thought would work. He told me there was a six month wait, and I said "no problem".
    Well, he ran over on time a few weeks due to other work, but let me tell you, it was worth the wait!
    It arrived last week and when I opened the box, I was floored!
    Completely hand tooled with amazing depth on the leaves and acorns. Done in a medium brown with a black background. The back is padded with a sun tanned, natural leather. Engraved brass Chicago screws, and a thumb rest!
    I highly recommend Marty for any traditional work, cowboy rigs, scabbards, holsters, gun belts, anything.
    I think my next piece will be a scabbard for my Win. 94.
    I'll try and get some photos on here. I'm pretty inept at that kind of stuff.
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