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    Probably "pump house stuff "...thought might get discussion about
    taxiderm"s people know .....?

    A lady was telling her neighbor that she saw a man driving a pick-up truck down the interstate, and a dog was hanging onto the tail gate for dear life!
    She said if the pick-up truck driver hadn't been going so fast in the other direction, she would have tried to stop him.
    A few weeks later, her neighbor saw this truck at the Bass Pro Shop in Daphne, Alabama !

    The pick-up truck driver is a local taxidermist with a great sense of humor! And it is not a dog it is a coyote.

    Can u just imagine how many people try and stop this guy?????


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  2. artabr

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    :D :D :D :D :D :D

    That's great. I glad I wasn't drinking my coffee. My keyboard could have taken a hit. :D


  3. Marlin

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    That's great !!!!!

    I once knew a piano player in at an up-town restaurant that had a beautiful red fox as his companion on the piano. Wouldn't play, and claimed he couldn't play, without his friend being there.
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    That is some funny stuff! :D
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