CZ-52 Accuracy codes

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    I saw a discussion somewhere that the Czech arsenals coded their CZ-52s with a hammered punch mark code on the web above the trigger on the right side of the frame. I thought "gee, I don't remember seeing that" and went to check mine out. Sure enough, there is a pattern of three punch marks in that area on mine. I believe none or one punch is accurate, the more punch marks indicate less accuracy and/or more wear. Someone reported seeing up to five punch marks on a pistol. The funny thing is that my pistol looks practically brand new, with a bright, shiney crisp bore. Anyone have anymore insight on this?
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    i dont pretend to know alot about these guns outside of my own personal experiences with them, BUT i am looking at my cz-52 right now as i type and on the right side of the frame, above the trigger i have NO punch marks. i have crossed swords followed by 53 and right infront of that is cz52czecho (right at the point of where the dustcover would start on a 1911 infront of the trigger guard. right above the trigger/trigger pivot pin on teh right side of the frame i have what appears to be a double stamped (one almost right over the top of the other ) VT.nad behind that is cal sf ale on the right side of the frame directly under the slide aond just forward of the grip panel. 7.62 tok is also stamped on the frame right behind the take down lever. other than those markings, i have no others, and my cz-52 shoots better then i can, although to be honest i have only shot it once.. ive never heard about the punch marks and accuracy before, but i will ask an elderly man i know what he knows about that, im curious myself now as to whether or not thats true. also my cz-52 is still parked and not blued, i have been told that teh blued cz-52's are arsenal refinshes and the parked versions are original. also i have no idea if thats totally true or not, but thats all the info i have on markings. maybe ive been alittle bit of help, hopefully i havent added more confusion to the fire. Ray in California
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    Kirby the OG did a little research into this, and he believes the "accuracy dots" theory has been debunked. He explains it here:

    To sum it up, these marks were not the result of accuracy testing, but rather metal hardness tests done during rehab.

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    In light of RobCs input, my remarks are irrevelant, but somehow I feel shortchanged in that my 52 has only the crossed swards followed by 54 on the right side of the frame. The only other thing on the right side is on the slide where it is stamped "CZ52 7.62 TOK CZECH", under which is stamped "C.A.I. GEORGIA VT. . . .That's it!

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    Re: CZ-52 Accuracy Codes
    Lucky i dont know if its rare, but i like it... the gunshop i buy almost all my guns from has more of these things than i can shake a stick at... most of them in very good condition... and all of them shooters.. i dont know much about the collector side of them, i just bought it to add to my collection (wich is really just a fancy term i use to justify buying all sorts of firearms, whether i need it or not, hey this looks cool... nope aint got one yet.. ok ill buy it.. or hmm i do have a few of these already.. i dont need another.. but my "collection" would be so much better for the addition of it..) although i do have a couple very nice weapons that i wouldnt part with, maybe i just got lucky... i am kinda releived though that mine doesnt have the punch marks that most Cz-52's are plagued with... kinda makes mine alittle bit different... friend of mine has some really nice looking arsenal refinished cz-52's that are blued! he wont part with them though.. a blued 52, kinda neat lookin... says they are arsenal refinishes, but i dont know nuff about them to say either way... i just like the gun!!!!!! maybe i should put my cz away just incase it is a "rarer" one....yeah!!!! ill do that.. then id HAVE to buy another one for a shooter... gotta have one to shoot... i wonder if my wife would understand that?? especially since i told her that since she liked mine so much, id buy her one too... lol ill just have to buy 2 of em... now im getting a cz-52 collection... and certain people on this forum have this problem with MN's, i have it with EVERYTHING!!!!!! lol.. Ray in California
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